Friday, March 19, 2010

My Friend, Ebony

It's been fine weather these last few days.  And I was looking at my blog and noticed - I'm alone in so many of the shots - I bet you guys think I only have 'virtual' friends - NOT so!  I have a bunch of friends in the neighborhood, and in the studio neighborhood as well.  

Here's my best friend, Ebony, when she hears us come down the street towards her house.
She gets up, bad hip and all, and RUNS to see me. (My Mom thinks she's runs for HER, but I think that's only because there's cookies in Mom's pockets...).

I have learned to stand very still until she comes up to me, because when I jump on her (like I really, really want to do, to be taller than her), she loses her balance, and Mom said it hurts her a little.

But she's always so kind to me... she whispers "You're a good boy, Paco... You're my favorite friend..." And then I'm happy all day, and try to be so good when my Mom walks me over to the beach!


  1. Thank you Paco for introducing us to your best friend Ebony. I can tell Ebony is very sweet.
    Everyone needs a friend, and especially one who you can whisper to.

  2. Thanks, Tweedles... I wish you lived closer,
    xoxoxo Paco

  3. Oh no I never thought for a minute that you didn't have friends other than virtual ones. The blog is all about you and us pugs just love to show off our own pics. I mean come on now..... the attention must be on you, I mean puggers just love to be the centre of attention, it is what makes us so cute. Also, don't forgets, you are a famous film star now too!

    I am glads you have some good friends, I mean, I knew you would! After all what is there for another dog not to like about a pug!


  4. We think she runs to see you too Paco!

  5. Hey Paco,
    I never thought that you didnt have any other friends. Ebony seems like a very nice friend and you are good to be gentle by her. Nothings better that a good friend.


  6. Winston, you're a wise dog. I always listen to you! Sequoia & Petunia - you guys 'get' me - you're the coolest!
    Jazzi - you have a gentle soul, too. I think you could be a writer...
    oxoo Paco