Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yup, I DROVE! Even A DOG Can do it!

I'm kinda mad at my mom, even though she DID let me drive.  For 2 weeks, I've been, like "HEY, look at me... I'm doing fun stuff!  Don't I look cute?  Don't you want to take my picture?  Hey, HEY, MOM about my blog... I've got FRIENDS, you know!!!" And she's been, like "Uh-huh... MmmmmmMmmmm.... OK, Pacito, I'll get you a cookie (which, hey, I never turn one down, but that's NOT what I wanted!)

So big deal, she got a new car (NOT the blue one I wanted, the white one she wanted.  phhhhhfff.).  AND she pulled together her portfolio, and made a CD with 30 of her paintings on it.  AND she framed six paintings for 2 upcoming juried shows she enters every year, and delivered them an hour away.  AND she had her Painting Challenge friends down at the studio last week, and had to clean and organize it.... 

But... as I said... let's talk about ME.  And the effect this all had on the PUPPY.  Short walks.  Less cuddling.  Whole DAYS away from me.  She even tried to give me pre-made dog food!  I looked at it, sniffed it (no garlic?) and said "Are you KIDDING?  I'd rather starve."  So.  I almost did!  Then she came to her senses and stopped at the grocery store and got some yummy chicken and simmered it with the veggies I like.
Dad says "Why are you cooking for the DOG and not for me?"  She gave him one of 'those' looks.  eeeeks....

Oh, and for Mothers' Day, my Molly gave mom this:

It's for her new car.  So cool, huh?


  1. Oh poor Paco.. you are so negected and... hey your mom makes you food???? lol I am with your dad on that one haha

    Oh yay new car! and I love the bumper sticker :)

  2. Poor Paco!!! I can't believe the neglect you have suffered!! The nerve of the momma!!! I'm glad she's coming to her senses though. She so should have let you choose the car. That was just selfish of her! But we understand, mommas are sometimes hard to control!! Glad see you back!! =)



  3. Thank heavens you are back, Paco. I was getting worried! I thought maybe your mom traded YOU in for the new car?!?!

    My mom feeds me food from a bag. I think I will move in with you. I looove that Paco's Pugtails sign! Your Molly is the sweetest.


  4. I agree that your mom should have spent more time with you rather than with her painting friends AND I firmly believe your moom should've bought the white car that you wanted! Apparently her needs come first sometimes! What is up with humans anyway? My mom didn't take me with her today on her dog walks and then when she rushed home she barely said hello, put me in the crate and then rushed off to do something called "cat visits"....can you believe both of our moms can't give us 100% attention at all times?
    Love, Daisy the Coonhound

  5. Paco you are so need to get her helping you blog! But on the other paw you got extra treats and you got to drive a car!

  6. Hey Paco!! Sounds like 'dat Momma of yours has been doing some great things!! We are happy to hear 'dats yes. But Paco, Buddy...whats going ons??? The white car?? Not the blues!!
    Dry kibble?? No hugs!! What on earth!! This is an outrage!! You needs damage controls...
    but Paco, when we's kept reading the bloggy...It does sounds like your Mommy does love you dearly!! And you do looks good in your new car (even if it is the white ones)
    Just tell her to buys you a new white harness!!
    hee hee hee- SNORTS!!
    Loves, Josie Izzy Anakin

  7. OH poor PAco,
    I feel for you cuz moms can get distracted like that sometimes, dont you hate it when that happens?? But luckily she came to her senses. If you ever need to, you can come to my house. We will take good care of you and we can call my UNcle Ed and bark at him a little.


  8. Moms make such big deals outta little stuff like driving
    Benny & Lily

  9. Poor Paco!! Mom's can get distracted sometimes can't they :(

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  10. Paco, maybe you should come live with us. You sound so neglected and unloved where you're at. I mean, seriously.

    We love the new bumper sticker!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  11. At least you got to drive! My human's car is one of those stick-shift thingys. And my name isn't stuck on it anywhere :)

  12. Oh I know what you means... mum has been so busy at works and what the heck.... I gots mad that she even didn't play ball with me last week! What does she mean "if you want food in the bowl I gotta go to works" whatever happened to pack hunting?

  13. When will our humans ever learn? That career thingy gets in the way around here too, so I know how you feel, Paco! My mom has a Flat Brutus magnet on her car - looks like you & I have a lot in common! Hope you get to take the new wheels out for a spin!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  14. Hey Paco
    I think that since you are so cute- your moms should be sna, snap, snapping millions of photos of you. And also blogging about your talent of driving the car- and stuff pugs do- you know - stuff pugs do.
    I am glad you finally got something good to eat and did not starve