Monday, January 3, 2011

I Am Not A Yappy Little Dog

Like you, I've been making my list of goals for the New Year.  I like to sit in this chair and watch the water and the sky, and the people walking by.  I love to watch the sea gulls too.  I was having a hard time because of what happened on our walk today... I just couldn't focus.

My mom was putting on her hat and gloves and I was doing my sniffing.  I looked up and saw a dog coming down the bike path - YAY!  I love to meet new friends!  The older woman holding the dog (he was about 3x my size) stopped and stared at us.  I was sitting in my "Welcome, let's be friends..." mode. Mom looked up and smiled at the lady - who scowled and dragged the big dog over a snow bank and off the path, muttering under her breath.

My mom said "Isn't he friendly?" to the lady, and looked at her dog (which she told me later was a pit bull mix, and maybe it was all for the best).  And the lady said to my Mom: "No, he's friendly all right, but he hates YAPPY LITTLE DOGS, like that one, there."  At this I looked behind me to see what 'yappy little dog' she could possibly be talking about.... there was only ME!

I could feel waves of something coming off my Mom, but she coolly said "Oh, well, actually Paco's NOT a "yappy little dog", but that was pretty mean of you to say that."  And when she turned away to take me in the other direction she said some stuff that I'm not going to repeat cause ... well... it's not such polite talk.  And she told me that that lady obviously was unhappy and did not have love in her life, and we should probably feel bad for her dog, too, because it's no fun to live with somebody so CRANKY.

Phoooo.... I can't concentrate.  I'll do my goals tomorrow.  When I'm done YAPPING..


  1. Oh Paco,
    Don't let that cranky old woman ruin your day. Your mom is right,, she must be very unhappy.
    I know that you have been trained to be polite,, and you were sitting there so nicely.
    Very sad for her to think that "all little dogs" are yappy. That is just not right. Now I do have some anxietys,, and sometimes I am a little vocal,, but,,, there are reasons,,, but she had no reason to be a cranky pants to you and your mom

  2. Oh, Paco, how mean of her! You just have to let things go. I feel very sorry for her dog too. Some people get mad if they trip on a leaf or some people are just cranky pants. I know you are a good dog.

  3. grumpy person on the bike path could use a little OM dust and a much longer walk.

  4. Sheeeesh! What a BEEEEE-YOTCH!

    Paco, dude, you should have totally hiked your leg on her shoe!

    Don't worry...her mean spirit has probably rubbed off on her dog too, so he's probably not a good friend for you anyway.

    If you know where she lives, Holden (my hooman brother) said that he'd be glad to egg and TP her house if we ever get out to that part of the country! (hahahahaa).

    "Yappy" love,

  5. Aww Paco, Don't let the cranky's get you down. It's too bad there are such mean people, good for your Mom for sticking up for you. Maybe she stepped in some poop on the way home just for being such a crank!

  6. Oh Paco! This is enough to get my momma all angry!

    People who own those pitty dogs should know first-hand how FRUSTRATING stereotypes about dogs are! Shouldn't they be ambassadors for their breed? Promoting the fact that all dogs are individual and deserve to be treated so? And not LUMPED into ridiculous categories!?

    Oh, sorry Paco. I took the keyboard away from momma. She is nuts. Sorry that lady was stupid. You are non-yappy and wonderful!!!!! xoxoxo

  7. I totally agree with Pearl and with Salinger!

    What a cranky nasty lady! We have gotten that reaction a few times too and dirty looks when I have had to carry Indy due to her knee problems. I have learned that really people are stupid lol.

    Hope you had a merry christmas!

  8. Paco Pal, this here is HOwie. I got something to say to that cranky lady. Can you get me her phone number? I have never heard sech hooey in my life. Yappy shmappy.

  9. Paco, I am loving reading up on your blog! You sure have a goooooood mom! My hot coffee is even more enjoyable this morning because I get to read entertaining posts like yours! xoxox