Monday, February 14, 2011

Whew! All Good Now!

Mom's home... at last.... and so am I.  I think Harry missed me a LOT.  I get the impression that Isabelle was doing the *Happy Dance*, thinking I wasn't coming home!  I just had to keep my Molly company, then Conor... I'm a giver.  In return I got to go to a Pet Store on Beacon Hill in Boston and got to pick out my own cookies.  Pretty great!
This is where Izzy, Harry and I hung out today.  Next to Mom, who for some reason spent the whole morning on the PHONE.  Boring.  I mean, LOOK how bored we all were!


  1. yup.... looks pretty boring. I totally know how that feels. Sounds like my day yesterday.


  2. And look at the cats bogging all the sunny sun. What the heck.
    Welcome home !

  3. hey there's a cat named Kizzy?
    Hmmm Kizzy, Izzy and Nizzy :D
    Glad everyone is content and happy!

  4. BOL..all you need are your names on the chairs. Glad moms home
    Benny & Lily