Friday, December 24, 2010

MAN! Am I Busy This Time Of Year!

You'd think it would be Christmas stuff, but no! 
Mom had to deliver a lot of paintings yesterday (really, Mom?  You couldn't have finished them BEFORE the day before Christmas eve?) to the South Shore of Boston, and of course she needed me to help.  Between stops we pulled over at the water in the Crow Point section of Hingham.
The tide was HIGH!  
"Stand in front of the Boston Skyline" she said.
I am, I guess, supposed to just 'know' where and what that is.  Get real.

Before we got in the car to head to Scituate, I saw the waves and scampered (yeah, I'm a scamper-er!) over to get my feet wet - BRRRRR!

Then we did the last 2 drop-offs and I was just BEAT.  Mom untied my back leg from my leash (You know when you do that twirly thing before you lay down... I'm always getting tied up doing that!) and put on Christmas music on the radio, gave me a cookie, and rubbed my head till I fell asleep.  The next thing I know we're back in RI, taking pictures of the big fishing boats all strung up with lights.  I'll show you that tomorrow - a little Christmas present from me to all my wonderful Blogging friends!


  1. Happy Holidays Paco and you peeps!

  2. Paco what a great adventure....and the ride home sounded relaxing ;)

  3. Careful of those big waves
    Happee Merry Christmas
    Benny & Lily

  4. Merry Christmas Paco to you and your family.
    I am glad you were carefjul by that water.

  5. Merry Christmas Paco (and peeps!). You are a VERY good delivery assistant and we think you should ask for a raise. ONE cookie? Pssssshhhhhh....whatEVER! You got robbed, dude!

    We hope Santa is good to you and can't wait to see your pics of the fishing boats with lights!