Thursday, December 9, 2010

They Say I'm The BEST DOG EVER

Hey, it's not me.. I hear them saying it these days.  See, when my Mom is teaching in the studio - THIS is what I look like.  I stay right here in my little bed.  Every once in a while I snuffle, moan or turn around but ... and this is hard... I'm in the BACKGROUND.  
Oh, I say 'hi' to everyone.  but it's so nice.  They play fun music (which makes me sleepy), and they talk and laugh and paint.
So. That being said, is it the WORST thing in the world if, when I get home from being GOOOD for 4 hours... if I eat a few dirty tissues that I find in the trash basket?  Or a little bit of cat poop?  
NO!  I'm not hungry, just bored!  
I just remember Mom saying.. "Best Dog Ever"..... :)


  1. You are the best dog ever. One bored Best Dog Ever is allowed to eat whatever is in his reach
    Benny & Lily

  2. oh yes sweet Pxco
    you are the bestest little doggy ever!!
    i love you

  3. Dirty tissues and tootsie rolls. Sounds good to me.

  4. You are the best dog EVER! What a good puggy you are! Aine likes to pug me when I work lol

  5. You are the funniest, sweetest little Pug but don't tell Tweedles because I say the same to him ;)