Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Great Weekend

Let me just say that I think Rhode Island ROCKS! We were HOT and tired on Sunday, after moving all mom's paintings & supports back to her studio (well... I just directed, actually, but it was still HOT) so we stopped at Eskimo King in Warren. Mom was going to share her ice cream with me, as usual, but we noticed (I noticed, actually, because there was a picture of a DOG on the menu!) a Doggie Treat, which was a huge bowl of soft serve with a big dog cookie on top! H-E-A-V-E-N!

Then we went to Utrecht in Providence (just a hop, skip & jump) to use mom's 30% off coupon. They let me come in (they're very civilized), and they don't give me 'looks' like they do at Jerry's Artarama! One helpful woman noticed my pretty alizarin crimson 'tatoo' on my left kidney area - said her dog had a similar 'beauty mark'!
When we got home mom thought I'l be "more comfortable" after a bath - yeah... right! I tried to tell her this was a dumb idea... but she prevailed...
And you know, she was right...I was all cooled off and sweet smelling (but I thought I already WAS puggy sweet-smelling...) and ready for MORE fun. But they weren't... they were pooped. It was scallops on the grill (YUM), with a greek salad (yuk), sauteed peppers and onions (again.. yuk)... and fresh sweet corn...**yawn** NOW I'm sleepy!


  1. Oooh ice cream!! Gus and Indy love it too. :)
    Gus bites at the tail too after a bath, it must be a boy thing.
    You look so cute and yummy all cleaned up!

  2. More hooman places ought to realise it is much better fur their businesses to khater to us as well!

    Sorry woo got the bath thing - I'm sure woo've already worked on THAT!


  3. Hi Paco!! You are so lucky to eat icecream, Mom hasn't let us eat it yet :( I think we need to pester her until she takes us somewhere like that, BOL! Mom said that she used to live where you live over on the other side of the Bay, she grew up there! Lilibell and Mom think you are awfully cute!

    Waggles, Chewy

  4. The doggie ice cream is awesome!

  5. Ice cream AND a bath?!?!?!?! You are a lucky pug!!!

  6. Paco!!

    Tell your momma that this blog rocks!!

    It put such a smile on my face reading this and the pic of you tugging that bath towel........priceless!

    Oh, and that ice're one lucky dog!


  7. Paco here - you guys are so great! I feel like you 'get' me! None of the "Oh, just BE a good dog..." :)

    What's that saying? "Well behaved dogs never make history????"
    xoxo Paco

  8. hi paco!
    that is the perfect weekend!
    you look squeaky clean!