Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yeeee-Haw! I Got An Award!

My friend Howard Pee Pugpants gave me this award! He is so big and smart, and he KNEW that I'd be the best recipient ;). So far since Sunday I've 'acquired' a blanket, a slanket, a few odd paper towels, a receipt and an old painting Mom was going to throw out (it wasn't that good, that was MY vote) anyway. I'm also getting exhausted trying to keep up with the outdoor peeing - the new hot pink roses (though... OUCH, sometimes), the pumpkin flowers, the chives (Mom says "NOBODY EAT THE CHIVES!" - whatever...)... and the marigolds. The Morning Glories, however, are for eating. They are de-lish! Thanks for my Award, Howard!


  1. YEAH Paco! Congrats! Making things your own is very hard work. One can only conjure up SO much pee!

  2. Woo are destined to be ruler of the world!


  3. Yeah!! Way to go on your award! Since mommy made me go out in the rain on Saturday, I now own half the Wolcott park!! Keep up the good work Paco!

  4. I KNEW you would understand, Pearl! YES, Khra! Rock Eater - you mean it's possible to pee in the rain!?! But don't you get your feet wet?
    xoxo Paco