Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Visit To The Garden Store (AGAIN)

Although I'd be happy to hang out on our porch all the time and just watch the clouds... my Dad makes us go to Peckham's Garden Store every week in Little Compton. It was sunny and dry, but HOT in the sun, so I found a big plant and just waited while he looked, and looked, and looked...... at plants(?).

Me, waiting patiently...

Then we walked to the corner and said "Hello!" to a bunch of cows and calves!

And I was so pooped on the way home that I had to lay like this on Mom's lap - and went all loose like a wet noodle, so she had to hold on to me so I wouldn't roll off! These people are exHAUSTING!


  1. Don't ya just hate when parents make us actually get out and do things?! It truly interferes with NAP time, huh Paco?!

    On the up-side, that sunset was beautiful and you look CUTEST on your Momma's lap! It's a rough life, huh? :)

  2. Pearl is right, you do look so cute on mom's lap! With your handsome green harness, you blend so well with the plants. Good thing mommy adn daddy didn't lose you =)

  3. Dude...Pugs are allowed at your Garden Store???'re lucky! I would be all over that!

    LOVE the pic of you all chillaxed on mom! Perfect tummy rub position!

  4. The sky shot was khool but the khoolest one is the furry last one!


  5. Beans are funny, aren't they! Spending so long looking at plants, of all things. Wow.


  6. what a cute blog this is, you make me smile each time I read your posts...this one is really cute today.