Sunday, July 26, 2009

Such A Good Dog....

My mom says I'm creative... so I guess I am. What I like to do is DIG DIG DIG on the cushions of a couch or chair. She thinks if she puts a SLANKET (yeah, that's right .... we're the cool kind of folk who got one for everyone as a Christmas present - whatever that is - I'm only 6 months old!) on the couch I can't dig through it. In the studio here, I looove my red slanket bed. But...
for some reason my mom thinks I'd rather have a little dog bed right near her easels. (Yeah, I did lay on the couch and bark and bark "Bring the couch near you!").... but I do like being up high. This is an OK bed, though.
And here's a real action shot of me tossing Pink Baby into the air right from my bed! I had to wrestle that rascal into submission, then we both napped while mom painted... it was a good day. And thanks, Dad, for making mom get the new bed!


  1. It would appear woo did a grrrreat job!


  2. I love the action shot! Gus likes to dig in the couch but Indy only digs in her bed. :)

  3. Such a great action shot!! Both of your beds look comfy! It's nice to have a choice on where you want to nap!!

  4. Paco is adorable in his bed(s).

  5. paco ~ you are the best studio assistant ever!
    we love you!

    cool new bed!