Thursday, July 2, 2009

Go To Hull!

I hate rain. Between gushing rain we went out and checked the garden (it was too wet to 'potty' outside - believe me I tried), and I suggested leaving the watering can out to catch rain - it was a good idea!
My pool was empty a couple of days ago - now - full of rainwater!
It tasted pretty good!

I've been trying to eat as many of these pink rose petals as I can - they smell good!

We spent the day in Hull, MA yesterday - there's a picture on my Mom's Blog of me in the Gallery!


  1. What a smart little pug you are for leaving the water can out! Not so sure about eating the pretty pink rose petals though. Might upset your tummy and we wouln't want that.

  2. I don't like peeing in the rain either. We saw that the Globe said you guys were supposed to get up to 5" of rain. We are in the same boat (literally and figuratively). Maybe we should start building an ark.


  3. hi paco!
    oh we love your pool! i bet your mom's flowers will look so happy after all of that rain!

  4. Hey looks like you have long legs in your picture...are you a tall Pug?