Monday, July 20, 2009

It's A Wrap!

Big weekend here.. my mom was part of the South Coast Open Studio Tour and we had to learn a lot of things.... don't pull on the tent flaps, don't bite the bubble wrap, don't knock brownies out of guests hands or lick their toes so they'll drop their food...

My Auntie Nan made the BEST brownies (and lots of them - somehow mom 'forgot' that she was bringing a second batch for Sunday and didn't end up putting them out, so guess what... heh heh heh.. we got to keep them!)
It was too hot and I was too pooped to spend the whole afternoon out with mom. Although she said I was a big help (and a reason people pulled their cars over and came in), she had Conor put my 'chill collar' on and put me in my crate with a cold can of soda to snuggle up to and a small bowl of iced water (who says I'm spoiled?).

We got a little creative as to where to hang the art, so some of it ended up nailed to the front of the house on the porch, and some got hung on the garden fence (which dad reeaaallly hates, and he said maybe we should leave the art there, so you can't see the fence as well!). I helped mom sell some paintings of the dog show, and got walked and cuddled by Molly and Conor a lot, so all in all it was a worthwhile weekend! THEN at the end they treated me to grilled swordfish on the porch, with a fabulous sunset (duh - no photos of THAT?)... so I'm pooped but happy!


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    I love that first picture of you Paco.. so handsome and regal looking! :)

  2. hi paco!
    you are an amazing studio assistant!
    emmitt is taking notes and loves the licking toes trick to get people to drop their food!

    you are a genius!
    will you bring some of those brownies to emmitt's b-day party?
    m & e

  3. Thank you Lex - don't you think 'regal' is really a word they invented to describe pugs? M&E - I could bring THREE kinds of brownies to E's par-tay! :) (Try the licking toes thing... it freaks some people out!)
    oxoxo Paco

  4. Paco!

    Tell your mom it was quite clever of her to hang artwork on the fence. What an instant way for people to see her work!

    Oh, and the view outside your yard is awesome! I can't believe you all get to see the water every day!


  5. Thank so much Dean, Mom says it was borderline genius or tacky, depending on how you saw it! But people seemed to like looking at it, and the garden beyond... when they could take their eyes off of MOI! ;)
    xoxo Paco

  6. Paco, this here is Anniebelly. I can tell you were a huge help to your mommy and probably get ALL the credit for the success. What on earth would our moms do without us around and underfoot?
    ps - do you have any of that grilled swordfish leftover you could send me?