Monday, July 13, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed....

My people never stop. This weekend we did a LOT, but I'll just bore you with a little... We started out on Saturday morning at 7:30 at Walker's Farm... a few miles down the prettiest stretch of road (I swear) in this part of the world. Although I fall asleep always, so it could be not ALL wonderful. And at Walker's there's Wilma's.. (I think Wilma IS a Walker, but who knows?) where my Dad said "Wait here, Paco, and I'll get you a treat..." I was skeptical but...
I'll tell you a fresh peach muffin IS a treat. I wanted my own! YES! But they said "No... you'll look like a barrel..." .... like that's a BAD thing....

Then they left me locked up (no pictures of me whining, but take my word for it) while they went to Home Depot to buy supports for Mom's Open Studio Tour next weekend.

THEN Mom took me to a PUG PARTY!!!! WOOOO-HOOOO! It was amazing (and I met a couple of barrels, who were very nice and fun, too!) that everyone (well, the canines) looked like ME! All that snorting and puffing! And EVERYONE wanted to sniff my butt! This female, named Molly, was veeerrrrry bossy and kept shouting at me to ARF! ARF (lay down) so I did but she wasn't happy until I was flat on my belly, spread eagled with my eyes closed! Every time I opend my eyes or tried to get up she "ARF-ARF-ed" me again! Even after her owner scolded her and took her away, she wriggled back and did it again. SHEEESH! Mom say she probably likes me.
bbnnh - (this was posted by my BEST FRIEND Harry the Cat)

Harry deleted the part about me being so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open the rest of the day~ he doesn't know how to work the computer very well, he's just a cat.


  1. Oh paco, those girl puggies can really have a mind of their own! (I happen to be one of them!) ;)

    THANK YOU, by the way, for your rescue efforts! I am OUT OF JAIL, thanks to my friends like YOU!!!!

  2. Phew, Pearl. Was just about to have FREE PEARL T-shirts made up....

  3. Ooh muffin, you luicky boy!
    Sounds like you had a great time at the pug party!

  4. hi paco!
    oh what a fun weekend!
    emmitt says he would love some peach muffin!
    that would be a yummy birthday cake for him!