Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paintah Dog

Yup, I'm a painter (paint-ah as we say in RI) dog. You can tell by the white paint on my muzzle and whiskers. My dad is painting two big sets of doors and two sandwich boards for my mom's Open Studios, and I tried to help. I tried to lick all the paint off the grass where he was painting, and when dad saw me he started praying REAL LOUD "JES*S CHR*ST PACO!"... saying mom would KILL him if I poisoned myself on his 'watch'... WHAT? I was helping!!!!


  1. Oh Paco, your Dad clearly does not appreciate your artistic skill. Sometimes I make my mom pray, too! Isn't the life of a spoiled puggy just the BEST!?

  2. Aren't you a great helper! Your dad praying is really funny. :)

    That is an awesome picture!!

  3. Oh Paco, that's hardly any paint on you. A good painter ends up covered in paint. I know. My mom always ends up with paint all over her.


  4. Paco, you're such a good little helper. My mommy prays sometimes too. But not as much as daddy!! Maybe your daddy is just not used to having such a skilled assistant! =)

  5. LOL!
    paco! i know you were helping! emmitt tries to "help" us all of the time!
    sweet puggies!
    m & e

  6. They khan be such ingrates with our ofFURs of help!

    I think woo did a grrrreat job!


  7. Well now this is VERRRRRRRY interesting...apparently your dad and my Mom belong to the same religion because mommy yells that "prayer" at me a LOT!

    Maybe it has something to do with us being such good helpers??

  8. Paco, this here is Anniebelly and I think you were just trying to help out, being as your mommy is painter and all. Me, I prefer to back up to wet paint and get it on my hiney-kin. Keep up the good work!

  9. Anniebelly - what a good idea! I'm gonna try it. Salinger.. someday I hope to be a GOOD big helper like you! Khyra, you always make me feel so good! No matter WHAT I've done! Emmitt... you are my role model :) GRE - skills... that is what I THINK I have! DD, my mom is always covered with paint, too... I think you kind of HAVE to be! Thanks, Lex and plussizepug! Winks to you, Pearl, it sure IS the best!
    xoxo Paco

  10. This is a great blog and he is adorable!!!!