Friday, July 31, 2009

My Molly

I know you guys know I love my mom, my dad, and Conor, who is living with us for a while (I hope a LONG while), but I don't know if I've told you about my Molly. She's Conor's sister and mom and dad's daughter, and she lives far, far away in South Boston. She came down the day I came to live with this family, and wouldn't hear of me sleeping by myself in this new place, with none of my old family around.
Also... I just LOVE to bite her hair - it tastes so GOOD! And I have to lick and lick all the flavor off her lips. I feel I have to. Anyway, I heard she's coming down to visit for Conor's birthday this weekend so I am PSYCHED! There's gonna be a whole lot of pug love goin' on!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Great Weekend

Let me just say that I think Rhode Island ROCKS! We were HOT and tired on Sunday, after moving all mom's paintings & supports back to her studio (well... I just directed, actually, but it was still HOT) so we stopped at Eskimo King in Warren. Mom was going to share her ice cream with me, as usual, but we noticed (I noticed, actually, because there was a picture of a DOG on the menu!) a Doggie Treat, which was a huge bowl of soft serve with a big dog cookie on top! H-E-A-V-E-N!

Then we went to Utrecht in Providence (just a hop, skip & jump) to use mom's 30% off coupon. They let me come in (they're very civilized), and they don't give me 'looks' like they do at Jerry's Artarama! One helpful woman noticed my pretty alizarin crimson 'tatoo' on my left kidney area - said her dog had a similar 'beauty mark'!
When we got home mom thought I'l be "more comfortable" after a bath - yeah... right! I tried to tell her this was a dumb idea... but she prevailed...
And you know, she was right...I was all cooled off and sweet smelling (but I thought I already WAS puggy sweet-smelling...) and ready for MORE fun. But they weren't... they were pooped. It was scallops on the grill (YUM), with a greek salad (yuk), sauteed peppers and onions (again.. yuk)... and fresh sweet corn...**yawn** NOW I'm sleepy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Such A Good Dog....

My mom says I'm creative... so I guess I am. What I like to do is DIG DIG DIG on the cushions of a couch or chair. She thinks if she puts a SLANKET (yeah, that's right .... we're the cool kind of folk who got one for everyone as a Christmas present - whatever that is - I'm only 6 months old!) on the couch I can't dig through it. In the studio here, I looove my red slanket bed. But...
for some reason my mom thinks I'd rather have a little dog bed right near her easels. (Yeah, I did lay on the couch and bark and bark "Bring the couch near you!").... but I do like being up high. This is an OK bed, though.
And here's a real action shot of me tossing Pink Baby into the air right from my bed! I had to wrestle that rascal into submission, then we both napped while mom painted... it was a good day. And thanks, Dad, for making mom get the new bed!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pink Eye (no, not that kind)

Today my mom was painting red flowers and something smelled SOOOOO good in her little trash bag, so I snuck up behind her and buried my snout (such as it is) way into the bag. Hmmm.. nothing too great so I laid down. A little while later I was sleeping still right there under her chair and she says "Paco? PACO? What's wrong with your eye???!!!!" And I had to run all around the garden to keep her from looking at it!

Turns out - there was a paper towel with pink paint on it in the bag, and it was just paint! It's been a week for The Painted Dog. Yesterday I grabbed the viewfinder which had white paint, and lots of it, on the top, giving me that lovely white lipped look. Tuesday I insisted on laying between mom and her paint taboret, and I got a big gob of alizarin crimson on my kidney area - now permanently pink.

Hey - what kind of healthy goodies do you get from your moms & dads? Looking for ideas....

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's A Wrap!

Big weekend here.. my mom was part of the South Coast Open Studio Tour and we had to learn a lot of things.... don't pull on the tent flaps, don't bite the bubble wrap, don't knock brownies out of guests hands or lick their toes so they'll drop their food...

My Auntie Nan made the BEST brownies (and lots of them - somehow mom 'forgot' that she was bringing a second batch for Sunday and didn't end up putting them out, so guess what... heh heh heh.. we got to keep them!)
It was too hot and I was too pooped to spend the whole afternoon out with mom. Although she said I was a big help (and a reason people pulled their cars over and came in), she had Conor put my 'chill collar' on and put me in my crate with a cold can of soda to snuggle up to and a small bowl of iced water (who says I'm spoiled?).

We got a little creative as to where to hang the art, so some of it ended up nailed to the front of the house on the porch, and some got hung on the garden fence (which dad reeaaallly hates, and he said maybe we should leave the art there, so you can't see the fence as well!). I helped mom sell some paintings of the dog show, and got walked and cuddled by Molly and Conor a lot, so all in all it was a worthwhile weekend! THEN at the end they treated me to grilled swordfish on the porch, with a fabulous sunset (duh - no photos of THAT?)... so I'm pooped but happy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paintah Dog

Yup, I'm a painter (paint-ah as we say in RI) dog. You can tell by the white paint on my muzzle and whiskers. My dad is painting two big sets of doors and two sandwich boards for my mom's Open Studios, and I tried to help. I tried to lick all the paint off the grass where he was painting, and when dad saw me he started praying REAL LOUD "JES*S CHR*ST PACO!"... saying mom would KILL him if I poisoned myself on his 'watch'... WHAT? I was helping!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed....

My people never stop. This weekend we did a LOT, but I'll just bore you with a little... We started out on Saturday morning at 7:30 at Walker's Farm... a few miles down the prettiest stretch of road (I swear) in this part of the world. Although I fall asleep always, so it could be not ALL wonderful. And at Walker's there's Wilma's.. (I think Wilma IS a Walker, but who knows?) where my Dad said "Wait here, Paco, and I'll get you a treat..." I was skeptical but...
I'll tell you a fresh peach muffin IS a treat. I wanted my own! YES! But they said "No... you'll look like a barrel..." .... like that's a BAD thing....

Then they left me locked up (no pictures of me whining, but take my word for it) while they went to Home Depot to buy supports for Mom's Open Studio Tour next weekend.

THEN Mom took me to a PUG PARTY!!!! WOOOO-HOOOO! It was amazing (and I met a couple of barrels, who were very nice and fun, too!) that everyone (well, the canines) looked like ME! All that snorting and puffing! And EVERYONE wanted to sniff my butt! This female, named Molly, was veeerrrrry bossy and kept shouting at me to ARF! ARF (lay down) so I did but she wasn't happy until I was flat on my belly, spread eagled with my eyes closed! Every time I opend my eyes or tried to get up she "ARF-ARF-ed" me again! Even after her owner scolded her and took her away, she wriggled back and did it again. SHEEESH! Mom say she probably likes me.
bbnnh - (this was posted by my BEST FRIEND Harry the Cat)

Harry deleted the part about me being so exhausted I couldn't keep my eyes open the rest of the day~ he doesn't know how to work the computer very well, he's just a cat.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Short & Sweet Friday

I learned a new thing this week. I CAN jump up on the dining room chairs like the cats - and now I have seized and have control over their cushions. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Visit To The Garden Store (AGAIN)

Although I'd be happy to hang out on our porch all the time and just watch the clouds... my Dad makes us go to Peckham's Garden Store every week in Little Compton. It was sunny and dry, but HOT in the sun, so I found a big plant and just waited while he looked, and looked, and looked...... at plants(?).

Me, waiting patiently...

Then we walked to the corner and said "Hello!" to a bunch of cows and calves!

And I was so pooped on the way home that I had to lay like this on Mom's lap - and went all loose like a wet noodle, so she had to hold on to me so I wouldn't roll off! These people are exHAUSTING!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yeeee-Haw! I Got An Award!

My friend Howard Pee Pugpants gave me this award! He is so big and smart, and he KNEW that I'd be the best recipient ;). So far since Sunday I've 'acquired' a blanket, a slanket, a few odd paper towels, a receipt and an old painting Mom was going to throw out (it wasn't that good, that was MY vote) anyway. I'm also getting exhausted trying to keep up with the outdoor peeing - the new hot pink roses (though... OUCH, sometimes), the pumpkin flowers, the chives (Mom says "NOBODY EAT THE CHIVES!" - whatever...)... and the marigolds. The Morning Glories, however, are for eating. They are de-lish! Thanks for my Award, Howard!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

It's a special day today. Mom says it's the birthday of our country, so naturally I felt like making my very own parade. I got good at waving the flag, although Mom says I shouldn't go "Grrrr..." while I'm 'waving' it. At our house there were hot dogs and hamburgers, potato chips and all kinds of salads.. but best of all... lots of fruit. I'm a big blueberry fan! And I got to nap with Rory at the end of the day, so it's a good good day. I hope you had a good day, too, my blogging friends...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Go To Hull!

I hate rain. Between gushing rain we went out and checked the garden (it was too wet to 'potty' outside - believe me I tried), and I suggested leaving the watering can out to catch rain - it was a good idea!
My pool was empty a couple of days ago - now - full of rainwater!
It tasted pretty good!

I've been trying to eat as many of these pink rose petals as I can - they smell good!

We spent the day in Hull, MA yesterday - there's a picture on my Mom's Blog of me in the Gallery!

Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)