Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm A Recycler

The other day my Mom said "Paco, you are going to have to get a job."  I think she doesn't see I HAVE a job.  I'm a recycler.  I find stuff, that the people in my house are not using AT THAT MOMENT and I 'save' them.  Today I got a shoe, a coke bottle (under my back end) and a water container.  They were just going to put that plastic in the big blue tub.  Why?  I'll line my little bed with it.  Don't tell ME what's comfortable!  You don't know until you try it.  I've got a nice layer of 'puggie fat' to cushion me, too.  I hope you all recycle.. I bet you do, too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gardening Is Not My 'Thing'

So Mom says "It's such a nice day, Paco, lets get some of our flowers in!"  Wow!  Wait... why would she think I would want to help with that?  I'm busy flattening the stuff that comes UP without us having to do any 'planting', like the irises and tulips, etc.  I DO like chewing on the dead straw and stuff that she pulls out when she's clearing spots for the flowers.  

Mostly, they just get in the way of stuff, like

And THIS is how I like to play with it!  RUFF!  RUFF!  Grrrrr!
Here I'm pretending it's The Bad Thing.  I can get it!  I can kill it!  LEMME at it!

:) so fun.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I've Had To Get A JOB!

My mom got a new car, I know.  And then she went off to paint for a few days near a beach (I don't know where, and they were not about to tell me).  So... Dad took me for a ride to see my Molly, and... she took me to WORK!  OK.  It was quickly established that I am NOT good on conference calls.  I tried and tried to put my 2 cents in, and Molly kept putting things in my mouth - it was hard to bark!

So they thought maybe I'd be better as a front man (front DOG, they meant).  And this very nice lady didn't scream "PUG FUR!" when I sat in her lap.  I notice she didn't leave, either.  Like I couldn't figure out THAT job.  Hey, when people show up you say WOOF!.  Then you jump all over the keyboard till it makes little marks on the monitor.  Then you chew the wires...mmmm what am I missing?

Anyway, I was exHAUSTED.  I told 'em they could keep my pay.  I don't need money.  Now... a nice ball would be something, though.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yup, I DROVE! Even A DOG Can do it!

I'm kinda mad at my mom, even though she DID let me drive.  For 2 weeks, I've been, like "HEY, look at me... I'm doing fun stuff!  Don't I look cute?  Don't you want to take my picture?  Hey, HEY, MOM about my blog... I've got FRIENDS, you know!!!" And she's been, like "Uh-huh... MmmmmmMmmmm.... OK, Pacito, I'll get you a cookie (which, hey, I never turn one down, but that's NOT what I wanted!)

So big deal, she got a new car (NOT the blue one I wanted, the white one she wanted.  phhhhhfff.).  AND she pulled together her portfolio, and made a CD with 30 of her paintings on it.  AND she framed six paintings for 2 upcoming juried shows she enters every year, and delivered them an hour away.  AND she had her Painting Challenge friends down at the studio last week, and had to clean and organize it.... 

But... as I said... let's talk about ME.  And the effect this all had on the PUPPY.  Short walks.  Less cuddling.  Whole DAYS away from me.  She even tried to give me pre-made dog food!  I looked at it, sniffed it (no garlic?) and said "Are you KIDDING?  I'd rather starve."  So.  I almost did!  Then she came to her senses and stopped at the grocery store and got some yummy chicken and simmered it with the veggies I like.
Dad says "Why are you cooking for the DOG and not for me?"  She gave him one of 'those' looks.  eeeeks....

Oh, and for Mothers' Day, my Molly gave mom this:

It's for her new car.  So cool, huh?