Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Is Right With The World

I spent the week with my friend Conor (I think he's my brother, but he's actually kind of tall...) and he and I FLEW around Boston Common - I Can Take Those Pigeons!!!! Then Molly took me to work (mixed reviews on that, apparently you aren't supposed to run laps around an office or something...). Then back to Conor's, then yesterday my buddy Rory took me to his apartment. I tried to protect Rory and Akilah and barked ferociously whenever I heard a noise. Did I mention that they live in an apartment building? LOTS of noises. Anyway today Rory took me to meet up with MOM again - YAY, she's back! I was so overcome with happiness that I practically fell asleep standing up licking her face. Seriously, dudes & dudettes, taking care of Conor, Molly and Rory was exhausting - I closed my eyes and fell asleep licking my Mom's face.... she folded me into my little bed in the car, and ....zzzzZZZZZzzzzzz....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She's GONE!

All day today, and yesterday, too... lots of busy-ness. Stocking up of cat food, my food, those big suitcases open, and lists, lists, lists. I got a bath, and Mom took a bag and filled it with my assorted babies and bones. Then we got in the car...

My sister, Izzy, and my brother Harry, above, are very, very sad. Dad was supposed to go away, too, but things changed (well, I think he told all the business people he was supposed to meet this week that the cats would be lonely so they changed the meeting) and he will take care of the cats.

I went to the airport and tried to kiss Mom's face right off. She kissed me right back, and I thought I convinced her to stay home, but... nope. I completely covered her black clothes with tan pug fur. You'd think that would make her stay. She went right through those doors, and Dad took me to Conor's for a vacation. I know it'll be fun, but still...

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Birth Mom And Dad

I don't know if this will show up because I cut and pasted it from Facebook. If people can't see it I'll save it and import it again. I think I look like BOTH of them, don't you? Isn't my Mom pretty? And don't you love how they still hold hands? My Dad is Toby and my Mom is Lilly. They live in Hull, MA, now, though I was born in the next town, Hingham.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Couldn't Wait

Well, me & Mom have made up, and exchanged lots of hugs and kisses (very wet, slurpy kisses - mine, not hers) and I have promised that I will LET HER KNOW if I have to 'go', even if I just went out. Or, I will try anyway. Or, I will pee on the piddle pad that is in the studio if I just can't wait.

I wanted to show you this funny friend I made on our walk. I think he kind of looks like me. (except without the cool new harness - I never knew blue was my 'color'!). I sniffed him a lot, but he did not make one sound. Or move. Sheesh!

Am I A "Bad Dog"?

Really. My Mom said I was today. REALLY LOUD. And we had been having such a NICE day! We walked for a good hour around Warren, (I have a cute photo of me and ... well, I'll post it tomorrow!), then we came in and I found a bag that my munchkin treats came in and I was sniffing it and tossing it while Mom got to work on a painting, and before you know it (I really don't know HOW this happened, as I'd 'gone' a zillion times on our walk) I was peeing on it. And peeing....... So when she started yelling (and man, can she yell...) I ... I..... well, can you SEE my tear? And my sniffle? I just get really excited about snacks. Anybody's snacks, really, but munchkins are little DONUTS!

So. I curled up in my bed and was the Best Dog Ever till it was time to come home. Mom spent a long time cleaning up after my 'accident' because things leak straight to the studio below, and I LOVE Arlene downstairs, she's a weaver. Mom said she most defintely would view me differently if her materials started smelling like urine. I don't know. I certainly wouldn't care....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look What Washed Up!

A big ball! I'm feeling better today after you guys assured me that my Mom leaving does NOT mean that she doesn't love me. Thanks, buddies. On our walk today (and 19 degrees doesn't feel cold at ALL if there's no wind!) look what we found! We also found a plastic pink flamingo the other day, but Mom wouldn't let me carry it around. So FUN! And then we 'meditated' on the beach, which I guess means 'sleeping sitting up', which I let Mom do, but I watched the seagulls. I'm gonna catch me one of THOSE some day, YEAH! Right now they're too fast for me. But I'm still young. They should FEAR me. If just for fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Feeling Too Good In My Tummy

I THINK somethings going on. Heard my mom talking to Conor, then to Molly. She's going somewhere - far. Bad enough, right? But then she's teaching a workshop this weekend (I thought I was GOING to it..) and she's made arrangements for me to have a sleepover with Molly in Boston. I LOVE visiting with Molly (and her boyfriend, Mike, who is SO fun), but then after a couple of days home, she's taking me to CONOR's apartment in Boston. For. A. Week.

Don't get me wrong. I loooooove Conor, too. But I suspect he goes to *work*. That seems to be a place puppies can't go. For a long time. **sniff**. Does my mom know how SAD I'm going to be???? Why can't Dad take a vacation and just be with me all the time? Besides - the cats will get used to just being able to walk on the floor without being chased, and will probably sit in MY chair - OwwwwwwwwwwwWWww!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Worst. Dog. Ever. *sniff* That's what my mom said about me tonight. REALLY! We were having such a nice day. I was her co-pilot in the car (she thinks it's funny to say that, "Dog is my co-pilot!" - like it's a joke - only not!). We stopped at a b-i-i-i-i-g beach called Nantasket and I wanted to run around and she wanted me to *go*. Nah. Later, I told her. Eventually she caved and we got back in the car for a minute and went to her friend's house on the beach. Inside.... well it was sooooo beautiful. Every little spot was decorated. There were nice rugs everywhere. Big beautiful (like trampolines) sofas. The whole first floor was open, and I was.... UNLEASHED! Upstairs there were pretty bedrooms with (more rugs) stuffed animals... oh, so many things all on my level - you could tell there were no dogs in this house!

Mom kind of flipped when we got outside by ourselves because
  • I pooped on the white shaggy rug in the upstairs bathroom
  • I found a reindeer stuffed animal (what? it looked JUST LIKE MINE at home!) and tried to chew it up
  • One of the baskets on the floor had greens and candy canes. I have never had the pleasure of a candy cane before. I almost ate the whole thing before mom SWOOPED in and took it from me
  • I found a stuffed Golden Retriever and was zooming through the house with it (just a little slobber, but it felt good to take on a Golden!)
  • I upchucked said candy cane on a beautiful oriental rug
Hey, we were there an hour and a half. It was all I could get to... ;) Sorry sweet lady friend of my mom's! I loved you and your nice house!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

WHEW! Now It's 2010 - Now What?

My resolution is to continue to hide stuff like this hat Mom got me in October. She put it on, took my picture, and said "Relax, there's lots of time for me to get a good photo of you - it's your hat for the Holidays!' And I promptly hid it in her studio, and pretended not to understand when she was frantically looking for it 2 weeks ago! ;)

I have learned that holidays are busy times. We made a lot of car trips. When we went into Boston I had to be the 'Navigator'. I was very concerned because there were a LOT of roads we could have taken - how did Dad know which ones were right? I'll get better at this. I know I will.
We went far away to a place called Cambridge and picked Molly up at the Oral Surgeon's. She smelled like stuff I've never smelled. I needed to stay at her place and take care of her. Just two days. I'm very good at this. Snuggling solves so many human woes. And I'm #1 in that department. So. Enjoy the New Year. And hide if you see weird hats come out of bags, remember. xoxoxo