Thursday, June 20, 2013


Beauty is really only skin deep.  Fur deep, actually.  I know I have a face that is a little skewed, but my Mom tells me that I am beautiful.  She says I look intelligent. (And she brags that I can not only underSTAND a lot of words, but I can spell quite a few, too~) 
Mom is away on a painting trip.  She said she would have taken me this year but her room is on the 3rd floor, and it would be tricky for me, as the stairs are slippery.  I am going to cross my tail and hope that next year she is on the 2nd floor.  I know I would be a great asset on a painting trip.  People are tired after painting all day outdoors.  I'm good at snuggling and getting people to doze off....
Come home soon, MOM!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm intuitive.  I know when to lay low and when to be a star.  When my Conor is cleaning up his house, I know to stay low.  Stay a loaf.  Can you see why they call this "Pug Loaf"?  Still as can be... I avoid any actual cleaning myself.  I love weekends at Conor's.  He takes such good care of me - and did I  mention he always buys me treats?  Yeah.  He knows how to keep a pug happy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crime Scene

Oh, no...... Do you see the look on my face?  I DIDN'T do it.  Whatever it is.  What? A stolen bagel?  Nope.  No idea.  You say it was over-filled with cream cheese, and half the cream cheese from the 1st (eaten by Mom) half was also in the wrapper?  Yeah... no.  I don't know what happened to it.

(OK... I'll come clean with YOU guys 'cause we're friends - and that means ZIPPA DA LIPZ)  It was like this....  We were out running errands and Mom got her breakfast (hello?  It was almost LUNCHtime!) .  It was a bagel she said had "too much filling". *Shnork* - what does THAT mean?  Anyway she scooped out a lot of the filling and ate half - I must say she did share some of the bottom of the bagel with me.  She said (Imagine her squeaky 'mom' voice here) "Oh, Paco, you don't like garlic or onions, and this is a Works bagel...."  Then she pulled over under some big trees and opened the skylight and cracked the windows so I'd get some of that nice, cool breeze, and went into a store.  I thought she was NEVER coming back.  I thought I was STARVING.  (She says 20 minutes, tops).  I hopped into her seat and got on the floor and dug under her seat till I found the bagel and that big ball of cream cheese.  OH MY GOD, it was soooooo good~

So... she's not happy when she gets into the car.  She says "Who ate my lunch?"  She says  "Paco... you look guilty..."  
(I was trying my best to look "What? Me?")

But man, if you ever get a chance to eat a Works bagel with cream cheese .... it is worth the risk....  And no, my belly does not hurt.  Mom is making Pizza for supper, and I want my OWN!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mellow Fellow

I think My Mom's going crazy.  She says I am driving her there.  She is starting to meditate again to reduce her stress...  I guess trying to climb into the laps of the fishermen on our walk today started her off.  The fishermen were NOT complaining.  And I think they had snacks hidden in their little kits.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Anyway, we came home and she set out to paint on the porch.  Boring, right?
BUT, Moose, the Rottweiler mix next door, came WALKING right by our house!  What does HE do when I leave our house to get into the car?  To go for a walk?  To hang out in the garden?  HE throws himself at the windows of the house - he's torn a screen completely out of the window, and he HOWLS and barks.  Now.. what would you do?

I spun around and howled and barked in my best guard dog bark,  SPIN SPIN SPI- OWWW!  I caught my lead on my leg, and I just SCREAMED!  I spun faster and screamed louder!  Everyone came to the doors and windows to see what someone (Mom, right?) was doing to me!  Only I was spinning so fast Mom couldn't even catch me to stop me and see what leg was pinched!  Oh, she got so annoyed.  When I finally got unstuck, she made me lay down and STAY DOWN on the porch.  QUIETLY.

No wonder I suck my little baby tiger like it's a pacifier.  With my life.... who wouldn't?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who's That Puggy?

My Mom says that when you have a Pug, perfect strangers feel they have to participate in your relationship.  This past week, for instance, some woman chased us as we walked from our car to the studio... (we did not like being chased, we were nervous).  When she caught up to us she said to Mom: "Is that a Pug?" (points to me)
Mom:  "Yes, his name is Paco, he's 4 years old..."
Lady:  "WAIT RIGHT HERE!" (runs off down the street... Mom looks at me like "How long do we wait?")
Lady arrives a few minutes later: "Here!  I bought this at a yard sale!  YOU take it!"
And she shoved a wooden pug in my Mom's hands.

I said to myself.... "This cannot stand.  If she has a Pug that does NOT steal food, pee in inappropriate places, demand that she look at it CONSTANTLY..... what will she need me for?"

Mom was a bit bewildered as to why she would want a reverse color wooden pug as well.
I tried to talk to it... it's really dumb.....
enjoy the movie...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

At The Pond....

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I helped Mom clean her studio on Saturday.  Not that I like to clean.  I mean, I do my best - I pick things up with my tongue.... lint, tacks, pens, paper, string - and .... you guessed it... I get yelled at.  "Don't put TACKS in your mouth, Paco!"  

I ask you.... How am I SUPPOSED to pick things up?  I say, again, I have no thumbs.  Anyway, Mom did calm down. And we got it all done.

But the beginning of the day was best.  We went to the Bagel Shop in Barrington.  Here I am being the best dog ever.... waiting... waiting.... for my bagel.  Or, at least for my HALF a bagel.  The piece I got for all that 'goodness' was about 1/8 of the bagel.  Yes, there was cream cheese.  But - could she have spared it?  Harummmmph.  I fixed her.  Showed her how starving I was.  I ate a huge piece of goose poop.  :) (It was not as good as the bagel....)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Always 'On'....

This is a live 'action shot' from WPRI News.  Not really, but it SHOULD be.  I have a job.  I'm to protect Mom at all times.  From other dogs, strange dogs, wild dogs, and.... bumble bees.  I also am supposed to 'tattle' when our kitties do bad stuff like raid the trash and find pieces of chicken bones with meat attached that they are not sharing.  For this I use a special high pitched 'yip'.  Mom knows it as the 'Tattle Yip'.

At the studio I must be extra vigilant.  I must bark when the new upstairs neighbors walks.  Anywhere in her new studio.  She walks a LOT.  So... I sound the alarm.... a LOT.

But here I was confused, a little. There was this big, big bumble bee walking across the carpet.  Was it a bee or a little bird?  Was it going to eat our cottage cheese?  So I yipped.  A lot.  And just like I thought, I was right. Mom shrieked.  She ran and got a broom.  Put it down and got a hammer.  Put it down and found a magazine, but apparently there were art pictures in it and it couldn't be used.  A shovel, also discarded.   Back to the broom... all the time making this "EE-E-E-E-E-E-E--E!" sound.  See... she WANTED it dead.  But not really.  She was talking about how we need bees.  About how this one bee could pollinate a lot of flowers and vegetable plants.  But..... "E-E-E-E-E-E-E!"  Finally she popped it out the front door on the tip of the broom.  I needed a nap!

Where's Dad when you need him?

Hey.  I'm back.  Really.  You should subscribe so you don't miss a chapter in my Wild Pug Life.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chillaxin' At The Beach... While It's Still Allowed

HEY!  Today my Mom said "Enough is enough!" and took our first day 'off' in over 6 weeks.  We are EXHAUSTED!  She paints and teaches and computes and frames and mails and works and even sometimes cooks, and I have to follow her around constantly.  I never get a break.  Seriously, it's too much!

So... because I was SUCH a good dog at the beach today, Mom promised to post for me on my blog!  I would do it myself - I have lots of ideas - but I was born without thumbs.  No, it's not a birth defect, apparently no pugs have thumbs.  Odd, don't you think?  Because we are definitely not dogs, and most of us believe we are Furry People on 4 Legs.

Not to brag.. but we were the only people on the whole beach, and Mom let me OFF LEASH - Wooo-hooo - Who Let The Pug Out????  I ran and ran in circles and ovals, racing down and up the beach.  I could hardly catch my breath.  I was totally ready for my cool bowl of water, and a nap on Mom's lap while she read.  May is MY month at the beach.  Then - no pugs allowed :(

Glad to be back.  Missed 'ya!