Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Innocent Until PROVEN Guilty

I did NOT do it.  I swear!

And I'm TOO MUCH of a gentleman to say who DID steal the little luscious Maple Candies Mom bought.  Too, too much.  
Pssst.... Don't worry, Isabelle... I promise I won't tell...
****pssst... just tell me.... were they good?****

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dog Days Of August

Ok, it's been SO humid this summer, I kicked my buddy Harry off his chair and claimed it.  He's just a cat, you know?  He can find a high place with a nice breeze and jump up there.  I've chewed all the straw-like stuff off one side of this chair, so my chins (yes, plural) feel nice and supported.  (Mom has finally STOPPED yelling stuff about "ruining" the best furniture she has.  She now sees how I have made it BETTER.)  

Anyway, apparently it isn't HOT ENOUGH here, so my buddy Rory went to the DESERT.  Yeah.  A place called Las Vegas.  He loved it, as Mom said he would, but I think he really missed me.  He thought about me so much he bought me this 'wife beater' (not that I WANT a wife, nor if I had one would I BEAT her!) shirt.  I am to wear it to the Dog Park.  It says I'm in charge.  Cool!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I don't really like Summer.  Gotta admit it.  That heat and humidity gets my itchies going and makes it hard to get comfortatble.  I can't run around.  I don't like to swim.  We don't have air conditioning (hint.. hint...).  Even though my Mom cools me down by wetting me all the time, and I have my own fan in front of my own chair..  still, I like the cooler days better.  Mom says August will have some nice cool days.  *sigh*  I hope so...