Friday, November 6, 2009

Tough Week

Hi everyone, I've been under the weather for a week, as I visited those nice folks at the Veterinary Hospital, and somehow I got 'fixed'. Now, I had not noticed one thing 'wrong' with me, but my Mom assured me I'd feel better soon, and kissed me and kissed me... so I believed her. Conor gave me lots of TLC, too, cause I was not supposed to jump on furniture of stairs (which I did within 5 minutes of being home...). I DID like the attention...

At first I was not quite as frisky when Mom took me to South Park. She told me she lit candles in that big church while I was at the vet's for a safe surgery and a quick recovery. I guess they did the trick, BUT

It also helped that Dad gave me a BIG juicy prime rib bone (he likes me best of the pets), that I had to DEFEND from Harry, who thought he should get it... I even 'grrrrr'd' at Mom when I first sank my teeth into it. It sure made me forget anything was wrong!

AND, I'm back in the saddle again! Hopping, skipping, jumping (don't you LOVE leaf piles?) and running, running, running again!

I'm not really 'all-action'. I'm a contemplative type. I like to sit on the benches at the park and watch those guys with kerchiefs tied tight around their heads and tons of heavy jewelry walk those pit-bulls and wonder what life is like for those dogs. Do their moms kiss them all the time? Do they get to go for rides and go to big cities and country fields? Do they get cuddled and given treats? I sure hope so... those collars they wear sure look uncomfortable!