Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday!
My Mom says that now I'm a 'big dog'.
A lot of people have been emailing her (I guess my email address is hard to find) and saying they are not really 'little dog' people but that they like me.  Good! I already KNOW I like them!
So you lovely Southern ladies, and wonderful West Coast ladies - here's some 'big dog' licks coming your way!
I DID get a cake yesterday, but Mom said since it was chocolate I couldn't have any. 
Ever hear of anything like that?  My OWN cake?
She says she will make up for it today.  
The jury is still out on that one....
In the meantime - have a fab-u-lous day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Whew! All Good Now!

Mom's home... at last.... and so am I.  I think Harry missed me a LOT.  I get the impression that Isabelle was doing the *Happy Dance*, thinking I wasn't coming home!  I just had to keep my Molly company, then Conor... I'm a giver.  In return I got to go to a Pet Store on Beacon Hill in Boston and got to pick out my own cookies.  Pretty great!
This is where Izzy, Harry and I hung out today.  Next to Mom, who for some reason spent the whole morning on the PHONE.  Boring.  I mean, LOOK how bored we all were!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Friend Harry

I guess I'm not like other dogs, in that my very best friend (OK, BESIDES my Mom) is a cat.  Yup, Harry is an orange cat, which he says is a special, magic kind of cat.  Not sure about that, but he is pretty great to me.  While both he and Isabelle push treats off the countertop for me, Harry actually kills little mice and gives them to me.  I like to crunch them, and then hear that high-pitched "EEeeeeeEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! sound my Mom makes when she sees what's in my mouth.  EVERY time she thinks I have a grape stem in my mouth and she panics because pugs are not supposed to eat grapes.    Yeah.  I KNOW that.  Then she sees its a mouse leg sticking out of my mouth and that funny sound starts!  It's good cause I get to keep chewing till Dad or Rory come pry my mouth open and take my treat.
Harry also helps me *yell* at the 2 Golden Retrievers next door.  "Oooof Ooooof Oooooofffff!"  I yell.  I'm offering help, I'm telling them I'm a big dog, I am also telling them to be quiet.  Harry jumps up on a chair and glares at them.  Really, he thinks they're afraid of HIM. ;)

I wish Mom would come home from Atlanta.  I'm having a great vacation in Boston and all, but.... do you think she misses ME?