Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drama King

I can make my whole family laugh.  I sigh and huff and moan, and I can even roll my eyes!  This guy, my Conor, carries me around.  He believes me when I say I have to go for a walk and it's midnight.  He lectures me on healthy eating ("No Pizza for YOU, Paco, it's not good for you!").  Then he laughs at all my tricks.
He and Molly like it when I 'attack' the dogs on the Dog Show on TV.
I could totally 'take' that silly Golden Retriever!  And NO, that's not a 'piddle pad' I'm standing on.  I mean, well, yes it is but it must be for Harry or Isabelle.  Not me.  I'm not a baby anymore!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.
I guess it's a day all about Gratitude, which I am full of.  
For instance, I am very grateful that my Molly and my Conor come to visit me.  (Molly's legs are UNDER me in the above photo)  When they come they sometimes bring special cookies or toys, but they ALWAYS hug and love me, take me for fun walks and rides, and let me sleep right on top of them!  My Mom and Dad never do that, although, yeah, I'm grateful for them, too.  I guess you could say I have

Now my kitty sister, Isabelle, has what I call CATITUDE.

Harry had a bad rap, but he actually is very grateful for ME (and Mom)! 
So I hope you all got good turkey, although not as much as me, because I had a tummy ache after. :(
I'm grateful for all of YOU friends, too! xoxox

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I was in the garden yesterday, and it struck me ... no more snacks!  I guess I'm just learning about 'Seasons' and what the heck that means.  I'm so glad it's not hot anymore.  I feel like running around and rolling on the ground, growling and yipping - you know how that is.

But I LOVED coming out to my garden!  In the morning while Mom and Dad sat and sipped coffee at their little table I would wander and disappear into these big areas of... well, my favorites were the tiny tomatoes!  Talk about bite sized snacks!  I could pluck the red ones right off the vine! (Don't tell ME I can't see color!)  I also loved the red peppers.  But they were a little harder to get off the vine.  Ohhhh, I DID it, but it was harder!  Yum! Who needs "Dog Food"???

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flattery, Carolyn, Will Get You Everywhere

My Mom knows this awesome artist, Carolyn Finnell, who is doing 30 pet portraits in 30 days.  Mom sent her a picture of ME, and guess what?  It's on her blog today!  We couldn't drag it her, but check-check-check it out!  I ate a new pencil today, because we think I may have to sign autographs... Mom said that I am in danger of being a celebrity... I said "So what?" (pssst... what's a celebrity?)
Apparently you don't EAT the pencils to write with them.  Hey, I'm a dog, I didn't got to People School or anything.  I've SEEN people put pens and pencils in weird places.  Their mouths.  Behind their ears, in their ponytails, pants pockets and goodness knows where else.  Besides.... did anyone notice I don't have fingers?
Thanks Carolyn.  I'm trying to convince my parents to buy it for me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

She Loves Me....

Last time I posted I was asked by a friend if my Mom ever painted me.  Yup!  Here's one.. and it sold to one of her favorite artists.  She said it's OK, that she sees me in this exact 'pose' a LOT.  I actually think it's one of her best paintings....  I can't help it.  You see on Thursdays she puts on a radio show called Artists Helping Artists and sets up her paints right near my best chair.  When she arranges that cuddly blanket on it, and starts humming while she paints it's just zzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzZzzz....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey! What's Up?

I have to say I love my Mom so much, but lately, well... she's been a little irritating.  I have done all this fun stuff - and the family even has photos of it - but when I say "Can we blog now?"  She says, "Later, Paco, I'm busy posting, prepping for class, getting my demo ready, packing the car, framing... really.  All I hear is "Blah, blah, blah..."  
It's not ABOUT her.  It's about ME.  And YOU.  My friends.  So, OK, we'll catch up slowly.  Because my family noticed I had sucked the innards out of the limbs of all my 'babies' they got me a NEW green baby.  With lots of legs for me to suck on.  
So, OK.  I can be bought, I guess. :) :) :)
I have missed all of you!