Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spa Dog

Today I had to help my mom.  I think she really can't do anything without me!  What did she do before I came to live here?  Those cats won't help her, that's for sure.

She had to check the hooks on the paintings hanging at a nice skin spa in Hingham, MA.  It was roaring rain today - worst flooding in 100 years in Rhode Island, where we live.  Mom patted me in the car and said "Don't worry.  I'll drive SO carefully!"  And she did.

She brought my bed to the spa so I wouldn't be tempted to jump on the nice soft beds.  How do I KNOW they are soft?  I guessed.  Hear me?  I said I GUESSED.  I sat in the waiting room for her to do her work.  Then I helped her get completely soaked while I insisted I could get in the car myself in the torrential rain.  

It was fun!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

These Weekends Are Killing Me

I'm like a therapy dog.  Not a real one, because those (dopey) dogs have to walk past THREE bowls of food to get certified.  But if you're lonely, or if you need someone warm and fuzzy to snuggle with, or if you run TWENTY ONE miles and just want someone soft to comfort you - I'm your man.  I mean, I'm your dog.  This weekend my Molly ran for 21 miles.  All at once!  If I find out who was chasing her I'm going to bite them - hard!
I hung out with her and Mike all weekend.  I ate a lot of carrots.  I don't know why.
My mom says the 'stuff' that comes out the back end of me is very, very bright orange.  I say it's none of her business.  Kind of a personal thing to talk about, you know?

When I'm with my family I give it my all.  Mom took this photo of me as we drove OUT of the driveway at Molly's!   I'm going to nap now... I'm exhausted!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I.  Just.  Met.  A.  Pug.  Named.  Frankenstein....
not kidding

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Bored.  Wet and cold and rainy out.
  I do not go out in this weather unless dragged.  Mom says my baldder CANNOT hold for more than 14 hours.  I beg to disagree.  I can hold for 20 hours.  Or until this driving rain stops.  Just leave me with a shoe and an empty water container in my little bed and leave me alone.  
Tell me when the sun comes out....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog Of The Wild

I know that a lot of people think of pugs as 'city dogs', 'lap dogs' or 'pets', but my mom knows this about me:  I am a true Dog Of The Wild.
Take, for example, the area in my town called 'Seapowet', which is, I think the name the Native Americans gave it.  It's very marshy and still wild, although there are farms nearby this beautiful, if rocky, beach.
If I can, I JERK the leash out of mom's hands... and RUN... like a crazy dog... down the beach -towards - THE END OF THE EARTH!
No, seriously, there's no road, no sidewalk, nuthin'!  Just water, water, water (which, in case you didn't know, ALSO doesn't scare me.  Unless there are fish in it.  I'm pretty sure there are no fish here, because there are a LOT of fishermen here... keeping the coast clear for pugs.).

THEN... in case you doubted for a MINUTE my fearlessness.... we crossed over to the swampy part... a 'wildlife (that's ME) refuge'.  Here I am showing mom there is nothing, nothing to be afraid of at this edge of the marsh, where there's a big drop into the water...
And then, because my mom can read (and, so what that I can't - do you know any dogs that can?) she saw on this little sign that to be in this area you should be wearing 200 square inches of NEON ORANGE....   YIKES!  Even I know that means you could get SHOT here!  

So while I was most DEFINITELY not scared, I found my Blue Baby and spent a while with him.  I'll get my orange jacket and go BACK there someday, too!  You'll see!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Friend, Ebony

It's been fine weather these last few days.  And I was looking at my blog and noticed - I'm alone in so many of the shots - I bet you guys think I only have 'virtual' friends - NOT so!  I have a bunch of friends in the neighborhood, and in the studio neighborhood as well.  

Here's my best friend, Ebony, when she hears us come down the street towards her house.
She gets up, bad hip and all, and RUNS to see me. (My Mom thinks she's runs for HER, but I think that's only because there's cookies in Mom's pockets...).

I have learned to stand very still until she comes up to me, because when I jump on her (like I really, really want to do, to be taller than her), she loses her balance, and Mom said it hurts her a little.

But she's always so kind to me... she whispers "You're a good boy, Paco... You're my favorite friend..." And then I'm happy all day, and try to be so good when my Mom walks me over to the beach!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am flat-out EXHAUSTED!  It's been a big few days.  Does it ever slow down around here?  Do they ever say "Hey, maybe the Pug needs to have some 'down time'?"  I do not think so.  Below is a photo of the cake my Dad made for my Mom for her birthday.
Do you remember last month when it was MY birthday?  I didn't see a cake... did you?  
I will make up for this by stealing pieces of cake.
My plan is this:  I will eat/tear up something hideous (box of matches, stolen box of pudding mix, etc) and when they're not looking, I'll GET that cake! 

I will spit the nuts out, if that's OK, because I don't like them....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures In Southie

When I was visiting my Molly a couple of days ago in South Boston I realized a few things about myself...
First.. I am a beach fiend!  I love, love, LOVE the beach - the stuff you find in the sand - those seagulls - the sparkle of the sun on the water (man, I DO need dog sunglasses, though!).. AND that I'm a people MAGNET.... I mean, I don't even KNOW this guy in the orange sweatshirt!

I am also very popular with small fluffy dogs... (this turned into a pug-pile, I believe you call it!)

AND I can hold my own with tough guys like this!  He was very friendly - so cool, too!  He gave me good advice on being brave and a good protector to my family (that's what he was whispering in my ear!)

This photo really shows my cinnabun tail at it's best! Ciao, guys, I wish it had been YOU all I encountered on my 'vacation'!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm A Movie Star!

Yeah, I am totally cool and relaxing here on the beach in Southie (South Boston), waiting for my FANS to show up!  See, this really cool blog lady, Myra, featured me in a YouTube video.  She did a GREAT job, and really highlighted my best side, don't you think?  I'm such a lucky dog....  I will send autographs to anyone who sends me their physical address.  Just send it to my Mom at kcareymac@hotmail.com.  Love ya!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TGIW (Thank God It's Wednesday - almost)

All this CLEANING!  My mom kept saying "Paco, just let me sort this out.... Paco, get out of the trash... Paco, don't eat that paper towel, Paco... Paco... Paco..."  I couldn't do anything right!  I thought if I ate everything I found, it would be less for her to do!  I mean, it felt like a party!  The chili pepper lights were on, the music... there were cookies (and donut holes for me - I got her to give me ALL of them by barking and whining while she was talking to the nice lady from the newspaper!)  But it was hard work, man.  I'll tell you... I'm ready for...

A martini!  Well, it was on the floor!  And let me tell you, I sniffed it, and it was YUCKY!  Mom said "Pacooooooo, noooo!  That's my painting prop!"  Hey.  I wasn't going to drink it.  Just sniffin'.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Puzzlement

Hey, Dudes & Dudettes... I was with Mom in the studio today (she was cleaning, so... not so much fun..) and I found THIS thing...  
Smelled like... nothing.  Maybe a little old dust....

But I barked at it.... nothing.  I tried to play... nothing.  I mean... it REMINDS me of Harry the cat, don't you think?