Monday, April 26, 2010

Zoom ZOOM Zoom....

Mom has decided she needs new wheels and so we went to see what we could see.  SHE liked this one. Look at my face.

THEN I found this one, which... dudes, look... it matches my harness!

But when I saw THIS one I. Was. Not. Moving.

She's still deciding.  But she's definitely buying from this salesperson because she let ME come for the test drive.  I'm IMPORTANT.  I'M the reason we need the sunroof - Mom doesn't really like them, but if it's Spring or Fall I can come along for errands if she parks in a shady spot and opens the roof - I'm comfy....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (And I Helped!)

On our way to the studio today Mom pulled over at a farm stand.  At first she said "Stay, Paco" and tried to walk over to the flowers.  But I cried so LOUDLY that she came back and got me ;).  I got to pick out the flowers, and I liked these that were blue and purple, and white and purple.  They tasted the best.

See the lady holding my leash while Mom took the photo?  She was not as quick as me and I grabbed one of the plants.  MmmmMMmm.

It was fun. She would put it back and sit back so Mom could take my picture, and... QUICK as a wink I'd grab that little plant again.  *sigh*  I can entertain myself, that's for sure.

We got to the studio, and Mom asked if I could PLEASE be good and take a nap.  
Yup.  I could.  And I did.  And LOOK below to see what happens when I am not guarding everything....
Do you SEE it?  I think it's a snake!  But I was asleep while Mom was painting.  
Yeah... till she SCREAMED.

It was slimy, and I swear it was a snake.  Mom said 'worm', but I think I know snakes better than her.  Now maybe she'll stop with the 'take a nap Paco'.....  heh heh heh...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Helped At The Boston Marathon!

They let me go!  They let me go!  They let me go!  Even though it was probably more to do with my Auntie being in Mexico for the week, and not wanting to leave me for the 12 hours they were gone.... I don't CARE!  This is me at the 8 mile marker - I was pooped because we had to park a mile away from the course (do the math, people ... that meant I had to walk 2 miles TOTAL).  When my Molly ran by she yelled 'hi' to Mom and Dad, but ran over to ME and gave me a big hug!  I think the memory of that cuddle was what helped her get through the other 18 MILES!

And then... I was pooped.  We made our way through gridlock into Boston (and my nice mom suggested we swing by the New Paris bakery in Brookine - heck... we were going right by!)
And then I thought they'd let me come to the finish line with them.  Mom said "Noooooooo-ooo-oo, Paco, it's a madhouse out there!  You're safer in the parking garage."  I thought she could NOT be serious, after all I'd been through to get here. But they did leave me.  IN A PARKING GARAGE.  For hours, literally.  When they came back Mom said it looked like I hadn't moved.  Well, I did, OK?
I just heard you coming and got my mound of babies and arranged them under my head again so you'd THINK I slept the entire time!

Then Dad kept saying he felt bad that I missed the party (Whaaaaa?  I thought they were just standing around at the finish line all those hours!) and he KNEW the ladies at the party would want to see me because they were talking about my blog.  So he drove to the Symphony 8 restaurant, and double parked (Mom... gritting teeth because she doesn't like to double park...) and ran into a building.  I stared hard at that door... and then.... WHA?  WHO?  My MOLLY came running out the door, followed by her beautiful friends (and Mike, her boyfriend, who is beautiful, too, but camera shy, obviously)!  I almost jumped out the window and had to jump around the sidewalk and lick all their legs!!!!
SUCH a fun day.  I'm proud of my Molly!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

FINALLY! New Camera!

I have been very sad lately, missing all my blogging buddies.  My mom's camera, which had been limping along for 2 years since she dropped it, open, in soft sand... finally refused to open.  And there was a little delay till she could get a new one.  I missed you guys SO much! 

 I have been hunting those buggy things called 'peeps', and finally have conquered the last one. 

Yeah... I nailed that one.
My Molly is running in the Boston Marathon tomorrow.  I thought I should run alongside her, for moral support.  She said I'd 'get tired'... So, I said, "Let's be creative... couldn't you put me in a baby carriage or something?"  She just looked at me and said "I love you, Paco..."

Well, I love her, too...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

*Burp*.... Done With The Easter Candy!

I've been trying to be sooooo helpful since Easter.  Apparently people don't like dogs to eat the candy the Bunny brings.  Label it, then, dude and dudettes.... otherwise it's fair game....   Anyway here I was crawling on my belly while Mom was trying to photograph her painting. I just thought maybe I could help shove it with my little black nose.....  No, huh?

OK, then here.... I think I can help by jumping on to the chair next to Isabelle and cleaning her cheeks.   She SHOULD like that.  Well, she SHOULD.
But... well, she actually didn't... so...

I told Mom "You take your vitamins... and *umph*!  I can jump RIGHT UP on the table (1st time ;) and I can post for you.  Spell?  Can I spell?  What's that?  Oh, Mom, STOP looking at me like that with your eyes all bugged out. I can get down.  I will.  N.O.W., yes, right now....
xoxox Paco

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Paco!!!

That's what everyone said!  Whaaaa?  I don't understand!  Mom said the Easter Bunny came to the house last night and left this stuff on the table.  

I don't believe it.  Nope.  I slept right NEAR that table - I didn't hear, smell or see anything!  
Are they kidding me?

So I did what ANY pup would do, right?  I SNIFFED this stuff.

MmmmmmMmmmm.... if I could just INCH a little closer...

NOOOO!  PACO!!!!!  Oh, yes, it's 'cute' till the dog licks the candy.....
Seriously, I don't know how that got on the floor.  Ummmm.... I'm saving it for Rory, because he couldn't come today....

Yep.  I'm BACK on the chair because these dudes are weird!  One of them moves!  I swear!

Really, they're not candy... are they bugs?  Birds?  
Honestly, that yellow dude MOVED!
I must rescue my family from imminent danger...

Gotcha, Pink Fiend!

This pink one had a mouth on him.  NObody talks to me like that!

Oh... heh heh, Harry the cat got in trouble for whacking my Molly in the hand.  She was trying to be nice to him and pet him, and he was letting her and enjoying it ... then he remembered this was TOTALLY out of character for him - and he hit her (mostly sheathed claws) so hard he bruised her!  He does that.  You can't take it personally.  I certainly don't.

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday!!!!