Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Such A Big Life

After a big run on the beach this morning, I just COULDN'T keep my eyes open.  I heard Mom talking to my Molly on the phone, something about being stuck in Vermont (which, from what I hear, is a cold place to be 'stuck') but I couldn't even get up off my little ottoman to offer support!  I've been stuck inside between the cold and the rain for so long.... Well, Mom says Spring is coming and I have to get in shape for big walks!  I'm OK with that, but I've decided I don't like dog food. Any kind.  People food I THINK I could like.  Cat food I KNOW I like, but dog food?  Sorry.  Gonna be stonewallin'...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My mom told me I'd have to 'fess up, and TELL you all what a great birthday month I had!

  OK, OK, we celebrated that day with cake and a trip  to Fogland beach. (One of my favorite places in the WORLD!)
And, as you can see, I got to RUN and RUN without a leash (Mom can barely keep up with me - NYAH-NYAH!)  Till some yappy little dog with big teeth showed up, and it was... back to the leash.  But it's been good.  And my cat-brother, Harry gave me the gift of allowing me to nap with him.  He's really nice.

If I let him chase me around and pop me on the rear with his claw, we can snuggle on the couch later.  See how my new blankie is puggie colored?  I think they really love me here....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Nutty

My Mom has been blowing me off for a MONTH when I ask her to post for me.  Something about workshops, trips, and giving a talk... who CARES?  Really, all her 'stuff' is just "Blah, blah, blah..."  Let's post MY stuff!  My friends are important, and ... hey, it's my BIRTHDAY month!  Yup.  One year old.  I ate a piece of cake, yes, I did (not chocolate, though, yellow...)