Monday, January 31, 2011

What In The World?

My Mom thinks I sit in her lap when she's on the computer because I like to snuggle.  Well, yeah, OK, that but REALLY I have bookmarked a News website, because I like to keep up with world events.  My family is NOT good at watching the news on TV.   So whenever they're not looking I open my bookmarked news site.  Sometimes I comment on the articles. Look for me... I call myself PacMan.  :) 

Oh, and I hope Egypt is far away.  I don't want to have to PROVE I can protect my family....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Duds

She means well, she really does.  This is the 3rd or 4th 'jacket' my Mom has bought for me.  This time, she waited till the Bay Colony AKC Dog Show to go and take every little measurement of me to a vendor called "Noah's Suitcase", where you pick the outer, inner, belt, lining and trim for a dog jacket.

Here's the thing.  I HATE 'dog jackets'.  It took a LOT of bribery for me to try to take a step or two in this *ahem* lovely coat.  Yeah, so OK, it fits me.  Even has a little part where my curly tail can pop up and curl.  And, OK, it's warm.  And it does NOT itch.  But ...
(hey, I KNOW I look good in it ..) BUT... I'm an outdoorsy kind of dog - no, REALLY!  In order for me to 'go' I make Mom take the jacket OOOFFFFFF.  Then we walk home like that.  Happy.

See?  I'm happier now.  Tail up and curled, ears perky..  Let's GO!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Meaning Of Life

Here I am, housebound, because just after this photo was taken we got snow that just won't leave.  Ice canyons for streets... no fun at all to take walks.  And I'm sad, too, because I know that people I love are sad.  My uncle's mother passed away, and I can feel his sadness one whole town away.  They were very close, and I got to thinkin' .... mothers can LEAVE?  What happens to you then?  Who cares for you like your mother?  Nobody, that's who.  

I'm getting very nervous because my Mom keeps talking about a workshop she's going to in Atlanta.  Do people come BACK from there?  I don't know.  I'm just a pup.  My *brother* Harry simply gets in the suitcases, and he figures one of these days they'll close it up without seeing him, and *BINGO* he'll get taken along on their trip.  I don't know if that's such a great idea, though....
I ask you... would YOU leave me?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Gonna Ma-a-ke Her Love Me.. Yes I Will... Yes I Will..

When I first came to live with Mom and the gang - Isabelle was 6 years old, and not very welcoming.  She had it in her head that SHE was going to be the Only Pet.  Well, then Harry came to live here and Izzy sulked for TWO years, so they say.  Sure, he attacked her, would only use HER litterbox, ate her food, but he's a sharer.  Like me.
To say she didn't like me at first would be an understatement.  She literally screamed when I came near her.  But she didn't know anything about Pugs.  How they like cats.  How they like to cuddle.  How they will *keep your litterbox clean* as by snacking.
And now... lookie here.. she has let me climb up on her mountain of fluffiness and cuddle.  Sure, she looks a little wary here, but believe me, I'm making headway....

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Am Not A Yappy Little Dog

Like you, I've been making my list of goals for the New Year.  I like to sit in this chair and watch the water and the sky, and the people walking by.  I love to watch the sea gulls too.  I was having a hard time because of what happened on our walk today... I just couldn't focus.

My mom was putting on her hat and gloves and I was doing my sniffing.  I looked up and saw a dog coming down the bike path - YAY!  I love to meet new friends!  The older woman holding the dog (he was about 3x my size) stopped and stared at us.  I was sitting in my "Welcome, let's be friends..." mode. Mom looked up and smiled at the lady - who scowled and dragged the big dog over a snow bank and off the path, muttering under her breath.

My mom said "Isn't he friendly?" to the lady, and looked at her dog (which she told me later was a pit bull mix, and maybe it was all for the best).  And the lady said to my Mom: "No, he's friendly all right, but he hates YAPPY LITTLE DOGS, like that one, there."  At this I looked behind me to see what 'yappy little dog' she could possibly be talking about.... there was only ME!

I could feel waves of something coming off my Mom, but she coolly said "Oh, well, actually Paco's NOT a "yappy little dog", but that was pretty mean of you to say that."  And when she turned away to take me in the other direction she said some stuff that I'm not going to repeat cause ... well... it's not such polite talk.  And she told me that that lady obviously was unhappy and did not have love in her life, and we should probably feel bad for her dog, too, because it's no fun to live with somebody so CRANKY.

Phoooo.... I can't concentrate.  I'll do my goals tomorrow.  When I'm done YAPPING..