Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's With This Thing Called "Fall"?

Yesterday it was so nice and warm out - I took my Mom to South Park and yanked her around for an hour - see here, the water fountain is too TALL for most people! Well, most dogs, anyway. Fortunately my Mom keeps Poland Springs water in the car for me...

Today... cold, wet, damp... I didn't FEEL like 'going' outside. My Mom's studio has these great Piddle Posts - oh... OK, Mom says they are most definitely NOT to piddle on... OK. Well. Who says I DID?

I was being so good and quiet while Mom painted today.
She eventually got curious as to why....
Hey! I FOUND this tube of Perylene Oil Paint - I DIDN'T steal it!

This is what a dog fanny looks like after he sits in Perylene Red. Even after repeated efforts to get it off. Hey, I can't see it, but I think it must look good!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

GEEZ, Thanks Mom!

My mom FINALLY got her act together and put together a post for me - she's been veery busy. The weather has been lousy, too - I've never lived through 'Fall' before - and so far, it's cold, rainy, windy... just kind of yucky! I spent a lot of time shivering in the car after my walks, like the photo above... don't I look pathetic?

And at the studio my mom expects me to wear THIS to stay warm after I dry off. I say - BUY ME A FLEECE JACKET! I'm NOT wearing this ridiculous beach towel!

But I do love to run and run around the studio. Right now we're getting ready for the Warren Walkabout (whatever THAT is), but it involves a lot of clearing out and cleaning up! I HELP!

And yesterday one of my favorite people in the world, Conor, came to do some heavy lifting and hanging of big paintings for my mom, but really, I think he came to be with me!

As you can see, I helped by trying to tell him if he got the nail in the right place. Sometimes I had to climb up the ladder to make sure!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flo's Clamcakes

Friday was a picture-perfect day. Blue sky, no wind, and warm, but not hot. Mom and I were a leeetle late going to the studio, but we had a lot to do at the house first. Then she pulled into a parking lot (I jumped up from my seat and stuck my nose out the window - it just smelled sooooo good!) in Island Park, Portsmouth, RI. We drive by here all the time, but on the highway, so I was surprised when we pulled off. I tilted my head and looked at Mom and she said "I have a surprise for you!"
We got out, and as it is quite late in the season, walked right up to the window, where a cheerful girl asked what we would like. "Clamcakes" my Mom said ("What ARE THEY?" I wondered.). At this place in 1938 a hurricane tidal surge sent the waters to the tops of the windows. They had a marker for years showing how high, Mom said, but recently took it down.
When we got the sack of 'clamcakes' (and I will admit that sounds like a pretty ridiculous thing, I mean.. do they have clam frosting?) we walked across the street, where Mom lifted me up on the sea wall, and pointed out OUR house, across the water - HEY! Cool! Then the 'cakes' were cooled off enough for me, and we split 3 of them. Mom took one to the studio to paint (which she never did, ahem, and it's now stinking up the car...) and we broke the other 3 up and lined the pieces up on the seawall for the sea gulls. Mom says they've got to eat, and it's nice to get a treat every once in a while.... Me? I was ready for a nap.