Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Dog!

When it's hot I'm cool! My mom got me this great big swimming pool (but who's she kidding... pugs don't swim!) so I could be cooler in the Summer. It was a big surprise to me today that it was really warm in the sun, and I don't like that - it's hard for me to cool down myself due to my super-cute snub muzzle. So I have cool packs to lie on, and a pool, and we're WORKING on dad for another air conditioner for the downstairs ;)
I felt so good after my 'swim' that I stole dad's shoe and tried to rip it apart - how fun is that?
I have to get used to my mom painting when we're outside (I thought holding me while I slept would be enough for her.... apparently not!) so I thought I'd help set up her easel. Then I took the tube of brushes and ran into the garden - then I grabbed the trash bag and ran off - hey, this painting stuff could be fun!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Apparently I was a good dog last week, so I got a new baby this weekend. Yay! Pink Baby! Has a tail AND squeaks!

Saturday Routine - Olga's

New thing I learned today. .. On Saturdays my mom and dad drive to Providence (two bridges away!) to drink coffee at Olga's Cup & Saucer. Now... we have a perfectly good coffee shop that we walk to every day across the street from our house - Coastal Roasters. And in fact we did walk there at 7 a.m. this morning! But apparently they like the routine, and mom gets to go to the art stores after Olga's because they're right in the neighborhood. Above, mom tried to take a picture of me & dad, but I fooled her and followed her!
OK, THIS was the shot she wanted!

I do not get why they need to drive all this way for coffee. It all tastes the same to me! But I liked being in the city anyway, and everyone who went in or out of Olga's told me I was beautiful, so I guess it's not such a bad place!

Hey, DUDE! It's me, Paco!

My mom spends all day (well, it SEEMS like all day) at her computer... she says she's 'blogging' and talking to her friends. Well, I decided to start my own blog, get my own friends ... what do I have to do to get her to get me my own computer? (Hey, there are FIVE in this house, and only 3 humans, they could spare one, don't you think?). Anyway this blog will chronicle some of my adventures. I am 13 weeks old with no bad habits and a sweet personality (rumors that I turn into one of Stephen King's Langoliers 3x a day are complete fabrications!). My mom says I'm a very smart dog, and I do believe her. I don't know why they called me "Paco", since my breed came from China via Holland, but something about looking like a burrito when I came here..... I think my full name is "Jesus Christ Paco"... always said in a loud voice when I'm trying to walk exactly where they're walking. J.C.Paco is fine with me.

So.... cool. Tune in... I get to do lots of fun stuff because... well, I'm a pug and I go everywhere!