Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's A Pug's Life

Sometimes people think dogs are lazy, because they seem to sleep so much. I actually, in the photo below, am NOT sleeping, I am working on my relationship with my brother(?!) Harry the Cat. He only 'lets' me sleep near him if I kind of sneak up and don't make eye contact with him. Later in the evening I rolled over (as if I were asleep and didn't know what I was doing!) and we snuggled back to back. I think he liked it, too. He has a very nice purr....

And, you know, it's hard work guarding the Memorial of Honor at our little park near the water - somebody might take the flowers! Not on my watch.

And below, I'm helping the guys set up for the music jamboree at the coffee shop, Coastal Roasters, across the street. Mom thought I was getting in the way, as the guys kept wanting to be where I was ... truth is, I was telling them where to be NEXT, and.. *whew*... I' am soooo tired! Again... they seemed to like having me around, though actually they never said so.

So when we get to the studio I'm BEAT! And I sleep and sleep - unless the music is too loud, or if the birds fly by the window or something. (Or if there's something to chew). See? NOT lazy. Industrious! And if perchance I DO sleep, I'd rather sleep on a pile of cardboard than in one of my 2 beds, or the stuffed chair or couch... very macho.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Route

We cross the street in front of my house, and walk a bit to the gas station - I get a LOT of sniffing and 'marking' done on the way.
This gentleman works at the gas station and he's always there with a cookie for me (and then I get a lot of pats - he's a highlight of my morning walk!).
Then across the little park, where I can stand up and see over the sea wall...

And after our trip to Coastal Roasters, I sometimes (low tide) get to check out what's down the stairs - maybe some stuff floats onto the shore and I can get it before my Mom takes it away from me!
I don't know this dude's name but he goes ballistic when I walk by. I am determined to become friends.

Then home, maybe getting to see Big Black Dog with Bad Hips, or maybe Luigi the beagle - it's a fun trip!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Got Pug-Piled!

This is me... being sad - traumatized, really. My Mom brought me to something called a "Pug Meet-up" today. Do you remember I went a couple of months ago, and a grown girl pug barked until I laid down - over and over? Well when we went today I was BIGGER than her, and she tried to bark "Lay Down!" to me, but I just looked at her and smiled. :)

HowEVER there was a big, big pug there named Harley, and he kept tackling (attacking, it looked to me) other pugs and had to be pulled off them. Then he jumped on ME and put me on my back on the floor, snarling and growling!!! I. Was. Terrified! I spent about 10 minutes under my Mom's chair (and on her lap, and on the lap of the man next to her). Finally Mom said I should really go visit the other pugs - so I did. And man, that guy Harley came out of nowhere and this time some other pugs joined in on the attack! When they pulled him off I ran like crazy, and turned around to see a whole bunch of other pugs chasing me and barking! I ran, and they cut me off - I was horrified! Mom finally caught me and held me for a very long time. She said Harley was grouchy because he has horrible allergies - it was probably nothing personal. Well. It felt personal. Maybe when I'm a grown dog I'll do better, but for now... I'm OK not meeting-up with other pugs!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling Better, But Lovin' The Attention

The swelling is down from my INJURY. Can you tell which foot was swollen? It was the one on the left. My right (man, I'm smart!). But I've been like glue to my Mom's side since I got hurt, and I have got to tell you it's not so bad! She took me for a ride to Cape Cod, where we visited her Mom and Dad's burial spot. Then we went to the Cape Cod Art Association to pick up paintings from a show. THEN we had a walk down Main Street in Hyannis. (I thought I could walk too far... Mom ended up carrying me all the way back to the car...) And on the way home I tried to sing along with her but...
My eyes kept closing.....
And I got very, very drowsy....
And I just laid my head down, and
ZZzzzzzzzzzz...... all the way home! And, yes, Mom took these photos while driving. BAD Mom! (she says I was irresistable!) Thank you all for your well wishes about my foot. I'm so glad I'm a blogging pup!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I've been REAL busy helping my mom get her paintings done... (I'm the 'catcher' for drips- today it was a blue dot on my shoulder and one pink dot on my toe!).. and getting ready for the clam boil my family has on Labor Day in honor of my mom's Dad, who passed away 5 years ago.
I will tell you I was POOPED from helping.  Never mind that no one wanted me to help.  I'm a helper, that's what I am.
So it was very, very sad when I hurt my ankle (wrist?) this morning.  I was just running around like a dervish... 7 a.m... don't you?... and I landed wrong when I sprung off the couch.  Mom didn't even know - she was tidying up in the kitchen and Dad came in and said "What's wrong Paco?  Did you hurt your foot?"  And then they started touching it (OW!) and cooing over me - I liked that part - and wondering about going to the doctor.  But a friend/relative (a friendly relative?) came by - I call her Auntie Donna - and she's worked in the vet's office for a long time.  She said they'd probably say - rest, ice and see how it is... So that's where I am... IN MY CRATE.. resting.. only coming out for bathroom breaks and food, love and ice.  This is NO good.