Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Catchup!

Hello to all my people friends, and dog friends in Blogland! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday - in our house it was a BLAST! Mom said a big fat elf named Santa Claus (or Sandy Paws, something like that) came in the night and actually LEFT stuff for us! My first package was this new Reindeer Baby. I think it's legs look a little big. I'm going to chew them off ASAP.

My *sister*, Isabelle had one wish. To sit with Conor for hours and snuggle and help him get over his sniffles. She's cuddly. Not that I'd really know. She SCREAMS when I come near her. But she's kind of round and I think if you laid ON her, it would feel very nice.

My *brother* Harry is weird. No, seriously. He got in all the boxes... why? This year Mom said it was strange, but everybody got things from Crate & Barrel... lots of boxes...

And then there was the 'incident'. Dad was away, and Isabelle, Harry & I decided to get a little crazy. Fun crazy, you know? I chased both of them and they jumped on counters that were FULL of Christmas baking stuff, and Isabelle jumped on a stack of paper (Mom said they were important - bills or something...) that slid off the counter into the trash.. and I was barking and twirling, and the cats were screeching - SO much fun - but.... Mom flipped out! I mean it, I have never seen her yell so much! I went and hid under the clean shirts she was shaking out to hang up for Dad... and then when I ran around they just kind of ... stayed on me.... Why was she mad about THAT?
My best present was two-fold. Conor got me the movie 'Bolt', which, guys, if you haven't seen it, get your Moms to rent it. It's a cartoon, which (I KNOW!) I still can see and understand. About this cool super-dog... like I imagine myself to be... I just SHOUT at him cause I can see behind him, and I have ideas of what he should/shouldn't do... And I loved it so much because I sat on Dad's lap to watch it once. Mom says we're starting to look alike. I hope he looks more like me because I don't think I'd look good in glasses.....

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Wish For You...

I wish you could all have a "Pink Baby" who smelled so wonderful... and that you could snuggle with it all night long. For everyone who celebrates Christmas, my Mom and I wish you a very very Merry Christmas, full of family and love. As it is my first Christmas, I have NO idea what to expect. Hopefully lots of food. Pies. Chips. Really, anything, as long as it drops from a plate. And if Santa's listening, I chewed the leg off of Pink Baby, and while I'm having fun eating the stuffing, it would be nice to get a new one... or cookies ...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


This morning Mom didn't take me out to the garden right away. She made herself hot chocolate (it smelled sooooo good!) and sat in front of the window for a little while. I didn't mind that, because I usually make her beg for me to *go* anyway, but it was odd. And strangely quiet outside. But when she DID get all bundled up and opened the door - there was - HUH? - a wall of snow against the doorframe. Wild!

She shoveled out about 10 feet of a 'path' and said "There you go, Paco..."... like... what? What was I supposed to do? There was not a bush, a branch, a pole - NOTHING for me to 'go' on. Forget it. I'll wait. Mom says it may take a long time for the snow to melt.... I SAID I'll wait.

THIS is how to ride out a storm! Under a blanket with Mom! Anyway, I don't need to go out anymore... there's a *tree* right in the living room... remember?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Few Things

Well, lots of stuff's been going on here, and I'll try to get you up to speed, my friends. Saturday - no pictures of this - my Mom dragged my Dad and I through freezing rain sleet and howling winds to buy DONUTS in North Kingstown so she could paint them. I slept on her lap all the way, and back to her studio where she painted and I slept some more. But Sunday we went to Newport and I got to go in 3 galleries, 2 of which had Mom's paintings that I helped her with, so that was fun.
I fancy myself a City Dog, you know? So in Newport when I see sidewalks made of brick and doorways close to the street I always try to go up and sit at the door. Hey! Maybe they'll want to be friends, you just never know till you try. My motto.

And, MAN, it got cold. Mom made me wear this stupid COAT.... Well, she can make me wear it, but she CAN't make me pee in it..... we'll see who wins this one.

Then yesterday I threw up in the car while Mom was in a store. I aimed for between the seats so our seats wouldn't be messy, but a little bit got on my blankie. Mom said "Don't worry, I can wash the blankie!" And wiped my face and gave me lots of hugs. Still when we got home I laid down and didn't MOVE for 2 hours. She called the vet! They said if I didn't eat my dinner she should rush me in, it could be a blockage.

Funny thing... the lady at the vet's asked if I ever eat things I shouldn't. (we got a good laugh over that question ... later) Mom got her 'are you crazy' voice and said "1) he's a puppy, AND 2) he's a PUG. Yes. He eats every little thing you never even see.. inside and outside. " Well, of COURSE I ate my dinner, and then when Dad came home it was 'crazy time' of running in circles and seeing how high I could jump on him.... so Mom was happy again.
I think about stuff like how lucky I am, and what dogs know that people don't, and why it's cold on one side of the house outside and not on the other.... I'm a philosopher dog, I think.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My mom was too *busy* to blog for me (and she KNOWS I have no thumbs, so can't open the computer!) during Thanksgiving. She was cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the Little Picture Shows that happen this time of year. But I wasn't neglected. I got to hang out with Molly (and I love her...)...

And Mom made pies - lots of pies. I've decided I'm a pie/potato chip kind of guy.

Then yesterday Mom said "Paco, I have a treat for you!" And I was so excited, because I thought maybe pies or chips were involved... but no....
We went to Fogland Beach in Tiverton, and we were the only people on the whole peninsula, so she took my leash off.... !!YEOW!!

I ran and ran and ran! In circles, up dunes, ker-PLUNK into a salt marsh pond (Mom said she was NOT coming in to get me, so I jumped right out of there!).

And here I am... master of my domain. Or at least the picnic table. I love jumping up on these. You should try it - you feel like SuperPup!