Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Dog!

When it's hot I'm cool! My mom got me this great big swimming pool (but who's she kidding... pugs don't swim!) so I could be cooler in the Summer. It was a big surprise to me today that it was really warm in the sun, and I don't like that - it's hard for me to cool down myself due to my super-cute snub muzzle. So I have cool packs to lie on, and a pool, and we're WORKING on dad for another air conditioner for the downstairs ;)
I felt so good after my 'swim' that I stole dad's shoe and tried to rip it apart - how fun is that?
I have to get used to my mom painting when we're outside (I thought holding me while I slept would be enough for her.... apparently not!) so I thought I'd help set up her easel. Then I took the tube of brushes and ran into the garden - then I grabbed the trash bag and ran off - hey, this painting stuff could be fun!


  1. Paco in the pool! So much fun! I play water tag with Otis to keep him cool!

  2. Good idea, Manon! We'll have to try it. Right now he likes it, but would like it better if I sat in the pool with him!