Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's With This Thing Called "Fall"?

Yesterday it was so nice and warm out - I took my Mom to South Park and yanked her around for an hour - see here, the water fountain is too TALL for most people! Well, most dogs, anyway. Fortunately my Mom keeps Poland Springs water in the car for me...

Today... cold, wet, damp... I didn't FEEL like 'going' outside. My Mom's studio has these great Piddle Posts - oh... OK, Mom says they are most definitely NOT to piddle on... OK. Well. Who says I DID?

I was being so good and quiet while Mom painted today.
She eventually got curious as to why....
Hey! I FOUND this tube of Perylene Oil Paint - I DIDN'T steal it!

This is what a dog fanny looks like after he sits in Perylene Red. Even after repeated efforts to get it off. Hey, I can't see it, but I think it must look good!


  1. Oh Paco, painted or not it is still a cute little pug butt. Be careful about getting into things.

  2. Yeah my Mom steals the good toys I find too. I guess if we get too quite they catch on and want us to make noise so they take away out find! So just make more noise next time!


  3. Oh Paco, you little finder of things. :p You best be careful because not everything there is safe for little puggies. Yeah, I know, strange isn't it?

  4. Haha oh no Paco! Piddling and chewing on paint!

  5. Paco, Sweetie, learn from my mistakes. Just because you found it doesn't mean you should chew or eat it!! Sick puggies are not fun!!!


  6. LOL...DOG FANNY!!!

    Your PugButt looks very cute in red!


  7. Weird, because TWICE I added a comment to this blog to respond to you guys and it has disappeared! I smell a conspiracy...
    xoxo Paco

  8. lol!
    hi paco! you are a very colorful puggy!

    happy happy halloweenie!

    m & e

  9. LOL
    It's almost the same as a REDNECK? Just farther down ;)