Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's Such A Big Life

After a big run on the beach this morning, I just COULDN'T keep my eyes open.  I heard Mom talking to my Molly on the phone, something about being stuck in Vermont (which, from what I hear, is a cold place to be 'stuck') but I couldn't even get up off my little ottoman to offer support!  I've been stuck inside between the cold and the rain for so long.... Well, Mom says Spring is coming and I have to get in shape for big walks!  I'm OK with that, but I've decided I don't like dog food. Any kind.  People food I THINK I could like.  Cat food I KNOW I like, but dog food?  Sorry.  Gonna be stonewallin'...


  1. Paco is a doll! Otis is stuck inside too so I play monkey in the middle with him and he runs like a madman!!

  2. Hi Paco,
    We think your mom is right, Spring is coming!It's even been sunny here in the frigid north and things are gettin all muddy. Good luck with the no dog food thing, let us know if it works.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  3. Hahaha you are boycotting food? That just isn't pug like at all! :) Unless you are bored with it and it's time to switch foods.
    Gus and Indy LOVE cat food and people food alot too. The people food is a treat though. lol

  4. Sweet Paco,
    I am with you! I can't WAIT for some warmer weather!!! You look so sweet while you're napping!

    Now what's this food boycott all about? I have been known to do that and then momma has to switch my food. I don't want you getting too skinny, ok? So EAT your food!!

    And I hope your Molly gets un-stuck soon!!!

  5. Hi Paco
    I am counting the days until the true spring gets here.
    I feel like you do.
    I am also getting tired of dog food.
    I want cookies

  6. Dear PacoPants, this here is your good pal Howie Pee. You jest pack up that awful food and mail it to me. I'll make it disappear fur you. I'm just that good of a pal.
    Pee Ess - you got the address right? It's Howee's House, Tree in Front Yard, Texus.