Monday, May 24, 2010

I've Had To Get A JOB!

My mom got a new car, I know.  And then she went off to paint for a few days near a beach (I don't know where, and they were not about to tell me).  So... Dad took me for a ride to see my Molly, and... she took me to WORK!  OK.  It was quickly established that I am NOT good on conference calls.  I tried and tried to put my 2 cents in, and Molly kept putting things in my mouth - it was hard to bark!

So they thought maybe I'd be better as a front man (front DOG, they meant).  And this very nice lady didn't scream "PUG FUR!" when I sat in her lap.  I notice she didn't leave, either.  Like I couldn't figure out THAT job.  Hey, when people show up you say WOOF!.  Then you jump all over the keyboard till it makes little marks on the monitor.  Then you chew the wires...mmmm what am I missing?

Anyway, I was exHAUSTED.  I told 'em they could keep my pay.  I don't need money.  Now... a nice ball would be something, though.....


  1. Holy!! What a buzy buzy day at work. Thank you for the instructions on how you do thar easy job
    Benny & Lily

  2. OMD you got to goes to work and meet new peoples how fun!

  3. Pawsome! Maybe they could pay you with cookies?

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. I would stay and do that job if they gave me treats all day, and let me take naps

  5. Paco, your work is never done. I bet you really whipped that office into shape!

    Momma says if you want to come work at her office, she will hold you and feed you treats all day long.