Friday, July 23, 2010


This evening my Mom was a little cranky (I KNOW - whaaaat?) because she was trying to paint and I was running around, and Dad was asking her a million questions and she couldn't concentrate.  My Dad found my new :) brush and took me to the garden to try it out.  Hey - did you know it can reach that *spot* on your lower back, right above your tail that you can't get to?   AAaaaaahhhhhhhhh...  we both had a great 'time out'.

And I just want to say thanks to all my doggie and people friends who have stuck with me and NOT forgotten me while my Mom was "getting her act together".  As if it's 'together' now.  ;)  I love her anyway.....  and all of you, too...


  1. Paco, my sweetness,

    YOU ARE BACK!!!!!! I have missed your updates sooooo much!

    That new brush looks like it has really hit the spot! I am afraid of being brushed (I know... I am a 'fraidy cat), but I will try to be more open to it.

    Tell your sweet momma hi for me.


  2. It's gotta be that Ooooo yeah spot, right? :) Glad you're back updating the bloggy!!

  3. hi paco!
    oh you look beautiful! your new brush looks like it feels good!
    look at that puggy smile!
    have a super weekend!
    m & e

  4. You look like one happy dog, Paco! And that is one cool-looking brush. :D

  5. Hey Paco! You look SO happy! Nice to see ya!

    Brutus & Carmen