Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday!
My Mom says that now I'm a 'big dog'.
A lot of people have been emailing her (I guess my email address is hard to find) and saying they are not really 'little dog' people but that they like me.  Good! I already KNOW I like them!
So you lovely Southern ladies, and wonderful West Coast ladies - here's some 'big dog' licks coming your way!
I DID get a cake yesterday, but Mom said since it was chocolate I couldn't have any. 
Ever hear of anything like that?  My OWN cake?
She says she will make up for it today.  
The jury is still out on that one....
In the meantime - have a fab-u-lous day!


  1. Happy Birthday Paco! Yes, in fact, I have heard of it. You should check out my post from march 30 2010, where there is even a picture of this beautiful CHOCOLATE cake that I couldn't have any of. What is with these people?!

  2. Dog? Happee Birthday big boy
    Benny & Lily

  3. Paco, how could they not give you any of your own cake???? Who's bright idea was it to buy you a chocolate cake in the first place??? They should be ashamed!! I do hope your momma makes it up to you today!! If not, you let us know and the momma I will come rescue you!

    Happy Birthday Dear Paco!!!



  4. Happy birthday Paco!!!! Enjoy being a big boy and hope you get some yummy cake that you can enjoy today!!!!

    ~The Monsters

  5. Happy b'day Paco! And one more b'day and you will be able to drive. My how quickly you grow:)

  6. Oh Paco, my darling! How did I not know it was your birthday!? Please forgive me!!!

    You are the sweetest little 2 year old there ever was!! Did you know that my Daddy did not even think he was a 'dog person' before him and momma got me!? Now momma comes home and finds him putting me in my sweaters and singing songs to me. That big silly man. He and momma fight over who gets to snuggle me! HA! These humans... they are putty in our paws!!

    I hope you get some treats today to make up for that ridiculous chocolate stunt. If not... go play in mommy's paint. I dare ya. ;)


  7. Felicidades Paco!
    Remember a pug is a BIG dog in a LITTLE dog body. Give it your all everyday.
    I can't wait until I turn 2 in 5 months).
    Love Noodles

  8. Hola Paco!!!
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you extra extra Treat for not having your cake on your B-day!
    SPongy & Licky

  9. Happy Birthday!
    You should demand your own pupcake. We get our own pupcakes for our birthday. With pink frosting. Shaped like a bone. And our mom makes them especially for us. She gets store bought stuff for the humans.
    DEMAND YOUR PUPCAKE! Power to the PUG!

  10. Oh Paco
    Happy Birthdays to you.
    I hope you get a cake of your own soon,,, maybe peanut butter. That is what I like- peanut butter cake and peanut butter frosting

  11. Happy happy happy birthday big boy Paco dude!!!!

    Ok...lemme get this straight...your mom had a CHOCOLATE cake for YOUR birthday???? Dude...that is 100% pure jackassery!!!!

    I think you are totally justified in leaving a "present" in someone's shoe today!!!!


  12. Paco-Pants, this here is Howie. You don't look a day over one. I'm real upset about the cake I didn't get. I mean you didn't get. Do you think if you get one today you can send me some?
    your concerned pal who is also hungree,

  13. Paco,

    yous just a young'un! Happy Birthday Dude.


  14. Happy Birthday sweet Paco!


  15. Happy Birthday Paco!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  16. Dear Paco, you have not blogged in over a month and I am sending the ASPCA over to make sure you're being properly fed 6 meals a day.


  17. Mom did a painting of your cat today- uh oh!
    Better be extra good today!

  18. Hi Paco,
    My name is Polly and we may have been separated at birth (or shortly there after) as my 2nd birthday was yesterday too! I was born in RI and my parents adopted me from a kennel that breads pugs and golden retrievers. We were on Kelly's website admiring her pug paintings and found the link your site.
    Belated happy birthday to you!
    your friend,
    Polly the pug

  19. Paco,
    I follow your Mom's painting blog and wondered if you or she had ever seen:
    It is a cute video you both might enjoy!
    Best wishes,