Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Painting... Paco Style

Finally, FINALLY, we spent the day at the studio. I thought it went well. We first went for a long walk on the bike path, to make sure I did everything a dog should do before going into the studio. Which I managed to hold off on.... I can hold it, you know! So we went upstairs and mom set up her paints and started by painting a whole little canvas yellow - cool! I thought she was done, so... I thought we should go out again! So we did. But I stiiiiiillll didn't do anything (heh, heh, heh!). Back upstairs she started to paint a cute little cupcake, so I got under the sink... "No! Paco!" I heard - so I went under the workbench... "NO! Paco!" I heard... then behind a stack of canvases... you guessed it... "NO! Paco!" (She thought I was looking for a 'bathroom'... and maybe I was... maybe I don't WANT to use the Piddle Pads she brought!)

Anyway the fun part was when a tube of this pretty blue (King's Blue, it turned out) paint FLEW off the table! I am gooood at grabbing stuff that falls on the floor - and this video is me staying ahead of mom, who was trying to get the paint out of my mouth. It looked like I had blue lipstick on - kind of cool! I got my mouth washed out with vegetable oil. It got all the paint, but tastes... YUCK!


  1. Oh my god, this is SOOOOO funny!!!! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Thanks, Jala, I had three... this was the shortest!

  3. oh my gosh!
    paco is so cute! i love his blog!
    :) melissa

  4. although it was probably frustrating at the time, its absolutely hilarious! I bet this has something to do with Conor teaching him how to do laps in the garden :)

  5. Thank you Melissa!! (and Emmitt!)
    Abby, yes, he does the same sort of 'laps' in the studio! I was so worried that he'd eat a lot of paint... fortunately it didn't seem to go beyond his lips! :)

  6. Whoa, toooo cute! Paco sure is perfecting that doggy technique of letting you get so close you think you're going to catch him, then taking off again! This made me laugh at the end of a VERY tiring and stressful week! thanks!

  7. Paco you are too cute! I found you through Melissa and Emmitt's blog.. you should stop by mine and meet Gus and Indy.

    They still play that game with me too :)

  8. LOL - My Aine does the same thing TOO. Will get you dizzy how fast they run! Paco is the CUTEST!

  9. Paco
    Hi , its me Tweedles
    That little Paco is mighty smart- that's what I think. I know those tricks and they will keep your mama on her toes for sure- believe me! You are an adorable little baby.
    What a nice bloggy you have. Can't wait to hear more fun!