Monday, August 17, 2009

Technical Problems Have Kept Me From You....

My mom's got computer issues. I understand that. But why she's spent so much time trying to work on her own blogs on Dad's computer, and neglecting mine is hard to understand...

'Cause lately I've been doing so much fun stuff, and I wanted to share! I went to the Falmouth Road Race to watch my Molly run (only all I could see was LEGS~LEGS~LEGS!) Till she found me and I almost licked her face off!

People were so kind to me and gave me lots of water, and let me sit in their shade, and lick their legs... (well I tried anyway, I LOVE sunscreen!).

And I've been hanging out at Providence's Federal Hill - yeah, that's me you've been seeing there! Lookin for Mobsta's.... and I think I saw some - and THAT's why I've been blackballed from the al fresco dining areas on the Hill. They SAY the Board of Health won't let me sit under Mom's table.... but if that's true why is it OK for me to sit a foot away from it? UNcivilized. That's what. Mom said in Paris people's dogs slept under their tables in the cafes and brasserie's. No Big Deal. I want to go there, if mom will buy me my own seat on the plane. Think it'll happen? Here's me at the fountain at Venda Ravioli (2 feet from people eating outside - horrors!)

This is me ouside of Pastiche... a beautiful spot on the Hill. Good coffee, too, Mom says. I like the way I look against this blue, anyway.... Have a good week, all!


  1. Oh no I hope the computer is ok lol.

    Did you get any ince cubes? They are pretty yumm, Gus and Indy love crunching on them too.
    You do look so handsome against all the blue and the flowers. :)
    In Paris they let the dogs sit at the table sometimes too lol

  2. hi paco!
    oh you look so cute! what are those restuarants talking about?

    not only will you save them the trouble of cleaning up an dropped food under the tables, you are a customer magnet!

    Those silly restaurants do not know the secret marketing weapon they have blinking right at them!

  3. Paco, I have missed your most smoochable face! Restaurants are so silly. Oklahoma just might be the most NOT dog-friendly place in the world, as I am always being left home! Either that or my parents are rude.... hmm...

    Hope the computer issues get better soonest!

  4. Lex, if you're serious about dogs sitting at the TABLE in Paris, I'm launching a new campaign to get there. Yes, I got ice cubes. I'm an ice cube NUT. They give me a headache sometimes, but I DON'T CARE! :)
    M & E, I totally agree. We've found that Cape Cod likes the idea of not having to sweep under tables in al fresco dining, and lets us sit there if we're good!
    Pearl... I'm SURE your parents would take you if you could. Maybe you could get them to move to Cape Cod, MA????
    xoxox Paco

  5. Paco is a doll! Sorry about the computer problems.... I hate when it happens to me!

  6. The last pikh is such a grrrreat shot!

    Good lukhk with the 'issues'


  7. Blue is definitely your color, Paco!

    That's total crap that you couldn't sit at the table at the cafe! Maybe it was to keep you safe from the "mobstas"? ;-)


  8. Poor Paco!!! I can't believe they won't let you sit under the momma's table!!! How rude
    =( Don't feel bad. I've been kicked out of a place or two myself. I just don't get it. We are so cute adn cuddly, we should be allowed everywhere!!! You do look good against that blue though =)


  9. What beautiful photos! And I want to go sit at cafes with my pugs in Paris!

  10. Manon, I told Paco he could TRY to be as good a dog as Otis! ;)
    xoxo Kelley

    Thanks, Khyra, you're so kind to me!
    Lilo, you totally get it, huh?
    Nevis - we should all go together!
    xoxox Paco