Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What HAVE I Been Up To?

Well, I have been practicing touching my nose with my tongue. It's not as easy as you think.

And I took my mom and dad to the Sakonnet River Vineyards... I looooove running around those fields, and they, being extremely civilized, allow us pups to walk right on in through the tasting areas. They have some big dogs of their own, who are really friendly.
Mom and dad get lunch there and sit in the shade and taste their wines, and I make ALL KINDS of friends. You know it!

Later my mom said "Paco... what should I paint today?" And I picked a Cosmos flower - my next favorite after Morning Glories (which are delicious).

I thought she said "WE would paint" so I got my brush and started chewing on the bristles to get them nice and wet...

But apparently I am NOT allowed to paint. What am I supposed to do? Stand around looking cute?


  1. hi paco!
    oh my goodness! you are so good at your job of looking cute!

    you should have heard me squeak when i saw you try and touch your nose and the last photo just melted my heart.

    i just love you!

  2. I think you've got the job of standing around and looking cute because you're so good at it! :)

  3. Melissa - I just love you, too - and Emmitt is my IDOL!

    DW, you are soooo kind... :)
    xoxo Paco

  4. You are very good at looking cute!!! And you are coming along very well on that noseguard!!! Keep up the good work. Maybe the momma will let you paint one of the days!!


    Well then, that is just wrong!


  6. Thank you Lilo, MAYBE. Khyra... I know, I KNOW! I'll figure it out. I'll check the internet. Maybe there are Painting classes for dogs...

    xoxox Paco

  7. Oh Paco, being cute is a full time job isn't it?! You seem to be excelling at it.

    Nice choice on the flower! I don't know why moms ruin all of our fun... you should really be allowed to express your artistic side!