Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I was in the garden yesterday, and it struck me ... no more snacks!  I guess I'm just learning about 'Seasons' and what the heck that means.  I'm so glad it's not hot anymore.  I feel like running around and rolling on the ground, growling and yipping - you know how that is.

But I LOVED coming out to my garden!  In the morning while Mom and Dad sat and sipped coffee at their little table I would wander and disappear into these big areas of... well, my favorites were the tiny tomatoes!  Talk about bite sized snacks!  I could pluck the red ones right off the vine! (Don't tell ME I can't see color!)  I also loved the red peppers.  But they were a little harder to get off the vine.  Ohhhh, I DID it, but it was harder!  Yum! Who needs "Dog Food"???


  1. Paco, you are so smart! You could make a salad with all of those goodies! mmmmm!

  2. No more snacks but a beautiful garden
    Benny & Lily