Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drama King

I can make my whole family laugh.  I sigh and huff and moan, and I can even roll my eyes!  This guy, my Conor, carries me around.  He believes me when I say I have to go for a walk and it's midnight.  He lectures me on healthy eating ("No Pizza for YOU, Paco, it's not good for you!").  Then he laughs at all my tricks.
He and Molly like it when I 'attack' the dogs on the Dog Show on TV.
I could totally 'take' that silly Golden Retriever!  And NO, that's not a 'piddle pad' I'm standing on.  I mean, well, yes it is but it must be for Harry or Isabelle.  Not me.  I'm not a baby anymore!


  1. Of course that's not a piddle pad, Paco, it's a wrestling pad, silly! I think that wrestling pad is in the right place because you never know when that golden retriever is going to jump out of that screen so you can "take" him! heeeheeee!

  2. We have our human wrapped around our paw too. You or the Golden? You
    Benny & Lily

  3. Paco you are so funny! We don't think that is your piddle pad either.