Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chillaxin' At The Beach... While It's Still Allowed

HEY!  Today my Mom said "Enough is enough!" and took our first day 'off' in over 6 weeks.  We are EXHAUSTED!  She paints and teaches and computes and frames and mails and works and even sometimes cooks, and I have to follow her around constantly.  I never get a break.  Seriously, it's too much!

So... because I was SUCH a good dog at the beach today, Mom promised to post for me on my blog!  I would do it myself - I have lots of ideas - but I was born without thumbs.  No, it's not a birth defect, apparently no pugs have thumbs.  Odd, don't you think?  Because we are definitely not dogs, and most of us believe we are Furry People on 4 Legs.

Not to brag.. but we were the only people on the whole beach, and Mom let me OFF LEASH - Wooo-hooo - Who Let The Pug Out????  I ran and ran in circles and ovals, racing down and up the beach.  I could hardly catch my breath.  I was totally ready for my cool bowl of water, and a nap on Mom's lap while she read.  May is MY month at the beach.  Then - no pugs allowed :(

Glad to be back.  Missed 'ya!


  1. You got to go to the beach???? My Mommy is home today "working" and all I get is a trip out to the backyard. I guess I shouldn't complain. . . it is more than I get when she is AT work.
    Love Noodles

  2. Paco, I am so old now that my mom and dad have to carry me up and down the front steps. But I can still bark like crazy and still do every time the mailman comes by. My mom is graduating from college tomorrow so there's lots of excitement going on at our house.

    Love, Atticus

  3. Hmm..Wish I still had a dog to get to reply on your blog Paco...Love seeing your pics and you are is your Mom

  4. Wow Paco, so glad you are posting again I missed you. What a wonderful day you had with your Mom. You two deserved a break. Hope you can do it again soon. BTW, I not feeling sorry that you have had to spend time mailing things because that means your selling things. So there!

  5. Hi Paco-

    Its so good to see you! I hope you have fun at the beach!