Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crime Scene

Oh, no...... Do you see the look on my face?  I DIDN'T do it.  Whatever it is.  What? A stolen bagel?  Nope.  No idea.  You say it was over-filled with cream cheese, and half the cream cheese from the 1st (eaten by Mom) half was also in the wrapper?  Yeah... no.  I don't know what happened to it.

(OK... I'll come clean with YOU guys 'cause we're friends - and that means ZIPPA DA LIPZ)  It was like this....  We were out running errands and Mom got her breakfast (hello?  It was almost LUNCHtime!) .  It was a bagel she said had "too much filling". *Shnork* - what does THAT mean?  Anyway she scooped out a lot of the filling and ate half - I must say she did share some of the bottom of the bagel with me.  She said (Imagine her squeaky 'mom' voice here) "Oh, Paco, you don't like garlic or onions, and this is a Works bagel...."  Then she pulled over under some big trees and opened the skylight and cracked the windows so I'd get some of that nice, cool breeze, and went into a store.  I thought she was NEVER coming back.  I thought I was STARVING.  (She says 20 minutes, tops).  I hopped into her seat and got on the floor and dug under her seat till I found the bagel and that big ball of cream cheese.  OH MY GOD, it was soooooo good~

So... she's not happy when she gets into the car.  She says "Who ate my lunch?"  She says  "Paco... you look guilty..."  
(I was trying my best to look "What? Me?")

But man, if you ever get a chance to eat a Works bagel with cream cheese .... it is worth the risk....  And no, my belly does not hurt.  Mom is making Pizza for supper, and I want my OWN!


  1. I wish I could have at least one bite.

  2. Paco,
    She left you alone. . . in the car. . . what's a pug to do?
    Love Noodles

  3. Just stopped by for a Paco fix. I'm good for a little while. He's just so cute.

  4. That face of your's is saying your innocent all over it. We know that you maybe just wanted a snack. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals