Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mellow Fellow

I think My Mom's going crazy.  She says I am driving her there.  She is starting to meditate again to reduce her stress...  I guess trying to climb into the laps of the fishermen on our walk today started her off.  The fishermen were NOT complaining.  And I think they had snacks hidden in their little kits.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Anyway, we came home and she set out to paint on the porch.  Boring, right?
BUT, Moose, the Rottweiler mix next door, came WALKING right by our house!  What does HE do when I leave our house to get into the car?  To go for a walk?  To hang out in the garden?  HE throws himself at the windows of the house - he's torn a screen completely out of the window, and he HOWLS and barks.  Now.. what would you do?

I spun around and howled and barked in my best guard dog bark,  SPIN SPIN SPI- OWWW!  I caught my lead on my leg, and I just SCREAMED!  I spun faster and screamed louder!  Everyone came to the doors and windows to see what someone (Mom, right?) was doing to me!  Only I was spinning so fast Mom couldn't even catch me to stop me and see what leg was pinched!  Oh, she got so annoyed.  When I finally got unstuck, she made me lay down and STAY DOWN on the porch.  QUIETLY.

No wonder I suck my little baby tiger like it's a pacifier.  With my life.... who wouldn't?


  1. Hi Paco
    I like your friend,,, the tiger.. a very good friend... i hope your leg is okay.

    1. Thank you Tweedles, Paco has asked me to tell you his leg is perfect again! xo

  2. Your little baby tiger toy is so cute and we hope you love playing all the time with them. Thanks for the share. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
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