Sunday, December 20, 2009


This morning Mom didn't take me out to the garden right away. She made herself hot chocolate (it smelled sooooo good!) and sat in front of the window for a little while. I didn't mind that, because I usually make her beg for me to *go* anyway, but it was odd. And strangely quiet outside. But when she DID get all bundled up and opened the door - there was - HUH? - a wall of snow against the doorframe. Wild!

She shoveled out about 10 feet of a 'path' and said "There you go, Paco..."... like... what? What was I supposed to do? There was not a bush, a branch, a pole - NOTHING for me to 'go' on. Forget it. I'll wait. Mom says it may take a long time for the snow to melt.... I SAID I'll wait.

THIS is how to ride out a storm! Under a blanket with Mom! Anyway, I don't need to go out anymore... there's a *tree* right in the living room... remember?


  1. lol paco!
    look at all that snow! stay warm and dry inside with your mom. you look so cozy!
    m & e

  2. :o

    Paco! No you can't go on that tree! Santa will not be happys. Your so funny Paco, we love how you think though.

    Hope a bush or tree melts out from under that snow soon for you.

  3. Be careful Paco! That looks like a LOT of cold a little too close to your "business"!


  4. Just a whisper of advice, Paco...don't pee on the inside tree -- Santa Paws doesn't really like that too much and, well, you know, this isn't the time of year to upset Santa Paws!

  5. M&e you got THAT right! I'll take your advice any day! Sequoia I didn't KNOW that would upset Santa! Takin' the advice, S-Dog.... DW, yeah, that's what Sequoia told me - eeeeks - OK. I'll try to find a shred of a tree or bush outside!

  6. OH MY DOGNESS! That is a ton of snow! We barely got any compared to you! Yikes!

  7. haha oh no!!! lol

    Well i am sure you will enjoy the snow once your mom starts throwing snowballs for you to chase and eat! :)

  8. well, aim for the tree stand, it holds water ;)
    This blog is hilarious!!