Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Catchup!

Hello to all my people friends, and dog friends in Blogland! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday - in our house it was a BLAST! Mom said a big fat elf named Santa Claus (or Sandy Paws, something like that) came in the night and actually LEFT stuff for us! My first package was this new Reindeer Baby. I think it's legs look a little big. I'm going to chew them off ASAP.

My *sister*, Isabelle had one wish. To sit with Conor for hours and snuggle and help him get over his sniffles. She's cuddly. Not that I'd really know. She SCREAMS when I come near her. But she's kind of round and I think if you laid ON her, it would feel very nice.

My *brother* Harry is weird. No, seriously. He got in all the boxes... why? This year Mom said it was strange, but everybody got things from Crate & Barrel... lots of boxes...

And then there was the 'incident'. Dad was away, and Isabelle, Harry & I decided to get a little crazy. Fun crazy, you know? I chased both of them and they jumped on counters that were FULL of Christmas baking stuff, and Isabelle jumped on a stack of paper (Mom said they were important - bills or something...) that slid off the counter into the trash.. and I was barking and twirling, and the cats were screeching - SO much fun - but.... Mom flipped out! I mean it, I have never seen her yell so much! I went and hid under the clean shirts she was shaking out to hang up for Dad... and then when I ran around they just kind of ... stayed on me.... Why was she mad about THAT?
My best present was two-fold. Conor got me the movie 'Bolt', which, guys, if you haven't seen it, get your Moms to rent it. It's a cartoon, which (I KNOW!) I still can see and understand. About this cool super-dog... like I imagine myself to be... I just SHOUT at him cause I can see behind him, and I have ideas of what he should/shouldn't do... And I loved it so much because I sat on Dad's lap to watch it once. Mom says we're starting to look alike. I hope he looks more like me because I don't think I'd look good in glasses.....

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


  1. Paco! You are so sweet- I loved hearing ALL about your Christmas! It's no wonder Santa brought you such nice things- you are a good boy!
    That crazy incident with the kitties and the bills and the laundry sounds VERY familiar to me. I have created many a scenario that has made momma pull her hair out. It's so FUN, huh?! We keep them young!!!
    Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!!

  2. That photo of Paco with your Dad would make a perfect painting! Think about it!

  3. Paco, it sounds like you have got those kitties well in hand, or paw!!! What a fun day at your house, and bills do belong in the trash, so what's all da fuss we asks???
    Happy new year's eve cutey!

  4. Hi Paco,
    I am Jazzi a scottie. Thanks for visting my blog. You sure look cute and sounds like you like to a have adventures too. While you have 2 cats to contend with and I have 2 munchkin grandkids to contend with, 2 and 4 yrs but they keep me on my paws. I will keep up with your blog and I look forward to getting to know you better.
    Happy New Year!!

    P.S. Yah the bills should always go in the garbage and I would have hid like you did!!

  5. Pearl - you were SMOKIN' in that new sweater Melissa knit - a real 'sweater-girl'!
    LOOC, my Mom is already ON it!
    Nancy, you are the smartest Person... your Fatties are so lucky!

    Hey, Jazzi. You're one cool Scottie. Mom goes to pieces when we see Scotties, so I'm a little jealous, but you, I think, are A.O.K. Come back. I'll stop by, too!

    xoxxo Paco

  6. Happy New Year!! :)

    Sounds like you had quite an eventful day lol

  7. Hey lady thanks for visiting our blog and checking out our paw prints. Mom said she is not an artist but likes to do stuff. (Whatever that means) We like your cute furry friends.
    Benny & Lily

  8. happy new year paco!

    i cannot wait to see all of the wonderful adventures we share this year!

    m & e

  9. Hi Paco
    I think you were trying to liven up the place- making bills fly i all directions and cats running and screaming.
    Its not much fun to have life "in control"
    Great pics you shared. Keep the house hopping.