Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Few Things

Well, lots of stuff's been going on here, and I'll try to get you up to speed, my friends. Saturday - no pictures of this - my Mom dragged my Dad and I through freezing rain sleet and howling winds to buy DONUTS in North Kingstown so she could paint them. I slept on her lap all the way, and back to her studio where she painted and I slept some more. But Sunday we went to Newport and I got to go in 3 galleries, 2 of which had Mom's paintings that I helped her with, so that was fun.
I fancy myself a City Dog, you know? So in Newport when I see sidewalks made of brick and doorways close to the street I always try to go up and sit at the door. Hey! Maybe they'll want to be friends, you just never know till you try. My motto.

And, MAN, it got cold. Mom made me wear this stupid COAT.... Well, she can make me wear it, but she CAN't make me pee in it..... we'll see who wins this one.

Then yesterday I threw up in the car while Mom was in a store. I aimed for between the seats so our seats wouldn't be messy, but a little bit got on my blankie. Mom said "Don't worry, I can wash the blankie!" And wiped my face and gave me lots of hugs. Still when we got home I laid down and didn't MOVE for 2 hours. She called the vet! They said if I didn't eat my dinner she should rush me in, it could be a blockage.

Funny thing... the lady at the vet's asked if I ever eat things I shouldn't. (we got a good laugh over that question ... later) Mom got her 'are you crazy' voice and said "1) he's a puppy, AND 2) he's a PUG. Yes. He eats every little thing you never even see.. inside and outside. " Well, of COURSE I ate my dinner, and then when Dad came home it was 'crazy time' of running in circles and seeing how high I could jump on him.... so Mom was happy again.
I think about stuff like how lucky I am, and what dogs know that people don't, and why it's cold on one side of the house outside and not on the other.... I'm a philosopher dog, I think.


  1. Oh Paco, what a thoughtful post.

    First of all, if my momma went and bought donuts, she certainly would not paint them. There is a word for what she would do to them, and I believe it is 'inhale'.

    I am so sad that you were pukey and acting strange for a while! I do this sometimes too, no one knows why really. I am so glad that you seem to be back to yourself! That sleepy picture of you is just the sweetest.

    We sure are lucky pups, aren't we Paco?! I always think of that... but even moreso at Christmas time.


  2. I agree with Pearl.. they would get eaten pretty quickly here! :)

    Random throwing up is a pug thing too I think. I have had that happen many times with Gus and indy as well from what I have heard from other pug owners.

    And the battle with the jacket and peeing? I lost and Indy won the first few rounds. hahaha

  3. Buying donuts to paint?? It's buying donuts to EAT that count!! Btw, you look adorable in your jacket, even if you wont' pee in it, you philospugpher, you! :)

  4. Thanks Pearl... I love to read your comments... what's 'Christmas'? Does it have something to do with the fresh ring of pine branches that Mom stuck on the door? I'm not a year old yet, so I don't know everything! Lex I am glad I am not alone - I was so scared! :)xoxo to you Sequoia! And dw - you're with me, right man? Thanks
    xoxoxo Paco

  5. hi paco!
    oh what adventures you have been on! we love your winter coat and are so glad your tummy feels all better!
    m & e

  6. Paco, thanks for sharing your adventure. You'readorable...and you look very thoughful in your last photo. Hope the belly is better soon. It's very hard not to eat stuff, isn't it?

    Love Gen & the Foo

  7. Emmitt.... you really like the coat? Would you wear it? Hmmmmm... maybe it's not so bad... Agent 99 thank you, the belly's all better! I don't understand the 'not eating' stuff! My tongue just comes out like a lizard's and scoops stuff up!

  8. Paco, I'm so glad you're feeling better. A friend's dog (a Lab, natch) once ate a pair of underwear (human underwear) and had to have surgery.
    You look absolutely dapper in that coat, so don't be embarrassed.

  9. Gee Paco, I look at all your pictures and I think to myself wow you sure how an exciting life, my mom just lets me stay home and hang out with her, you get to go everywhere. I'm jealous, What? Do I need to be a dog or something stupid like that to get that kind of life. I'm going to go nag my mom now, Best Regards, Sophie

  10. Kelley, you need to do a blurb book with this blog. :D Lightbulb?
    This is so hilarious.
    Did that lens come out yet? :D

  11. Hi
    I just read that you were a little sicky- but better now.That makes me happy!
    I know your mom could paint a do nut and make it soooo beautifuls that the whole wide world would want to eat it! We know that!
    I like that you are a philospher- sometimes I am too. We think alike maybe- we even look alike.