Monday, September 7, 2009


I've been REAL busy helping my mom get her paintings done... (I'm the 'catcher' for drips- today it was a blue dot on my shoulder and one pink dot on my toe!).. and getting ready for the clam boil my family has on Labor Day in honor of my mom's Dad, who passed away 5 years ago.
I will tell you I was POOPED from helping.  Never mind that no one wanted me to help.  I'm a helper, that's what I am.
So it was very, very sad when I hurt my ankle (wrist?) this morning.  I was just running around like a dervish... 7 a.m... don't you?... and I landed wrong when I sprung off the couch.  Mom didn't even know - she was tidying up in the kitchen and Dad came in and said "What's wrong Paco?  Did you hurt your foot?"  And then they started touching it (OW!) and cooing over me - I liked that part - and wondering about going to the doctor.  But a friend/relative (a friendly relative?) came by - I call her Auntie Donna - and she's worked in the vet's office for a long time.  She said they'd probably say - rest, ice and see how it is... So that's where I am... IN MY CRATE.. resting.. only coming out for bathroom breaks and food, love and ice.  This is NO good.


  1. Hope Paco feels better! That happened to Otis often when he was young!
    A good day to honor your dad Kelley!

  2. Ahh we are sending you well wishes Paco! Get betters soon!

  3. Oh no!

    Woo khan't be hurt!

    I mean, who will watch your mom?

    PeeEssWoo: A khlam boil is a great way to honour someone special's memory!

  4. Manon, it is 6 p.m. here and the swelling is down and he's making little forays around the house and yard! Thanks.

    Sequoia &amp Petunia, thank you.... he is!

    Khyra - he's thinking that, too! And yes, it was a great day of honoring my dad. As soon as Paco can type again, he'll come visiting!
    xoxo Kelley

  5. oh dear, paco, i am sorry you took a tumble. i am glad that you are getting lots of love, that will help.
    take care,

  6. Oh my sweet Paco! How horrific.

    You know... I think there is some kind of compensation you can get for on-the-job injuries. You were obviously working as 'head-household-helper' at the time. I think they have to compensate you with treats or something... we should consult an attorney!!

  7. Oh no! I hope you get better quickly!
    Gus sprained his front ankle/wrist/paw at christmas and was limping. So my husband took him to the vet and he gave us a mild anti imflammaory. Well Gus didn't limp at all when daddy took him home but when I got home from work his limp was so bad he could barely walk! lol
    They are smart little puggies!

  8. Poor Paco!!! I do hope you feel better soon. It's no fun to be stuck in your crate, but at least you got extra lovin's!!! I'm sure you'll be back to your ever helpful self in no time!!!

    Pug love and kisses


  9. Dear Puglette: I can type a little today. Mom took me for a ride to Cape Cod and I snuggled the whole way. In Hyannis I wanted to take a walk, but she had to carry me back. She was kind of making grunting noises at the end... like I was HEAVY or something. Thank you for your care...

    PEARL: I am in touch with an attorney... she said something about 'biting the hand that feeds you....' or something like that... but, I knew I could count on good advice from you!

    Lex: HA! Gus, my MAN! I totally 'get' you!

    Lilo: I'm feeling the luv... thanks,

    xoxox Paco

  10. oh sweetie!

    how is your wrist feeling today? we love you!

    m & e

  11. Hey Paco!
    Oh man...we're sorry to hear about your injury, but you should be able to milk this for a while and get some marshmallows out of the deal or something!

    We left you an award on our blog...come check it out!

    Feel better dude!