Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling Better, But Lovin' The Attention

The swelling is down from my INJURY. Can you tell which foot was swollen? It was the one on the left. My right (man, I'm smart!). But I've been like glue to my Mom's side since I got hurt, and I have got to tell you it's not so bad! She took me for a ride to Cape Cod, where we visited her Mom and Dad's burial spot. Then we went to the Cape Cod Art Association to pick up paintings from a show. THEN we had a walk down Main Street in Hyannis. (I thought I could walk too far... Mom ended up carrying me all the way back to the car...) And on the way home I tried to sing along with her but...
My eyes kept closing.....
And I got very, very drowsy....
And I just laid my head down, and
ZZzzzzzzzzzz...... all the way home! And, yes, Mom took these photos while driving. BAD Mom! (she says I was irresistable!) Thank you all for your well wishes about my foot. I'm so glad I'm a blogging pup!


  1. Paco did you fall asleep with a treat (un touched) above your head....wake up!! Eat the treat Paco!!! I can smell it from my computers...mmmmm!


  2. Woo made me tired as I read your post and saw the pikhs!

    Keep up the sympathy treatment!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom likes to take pikhs of the transport pups too - she's furry khareful to do when she knows all is well SO I know your mom is the same way!

  3. Poor little Paco!!! I hope your little foot feels better soon!!! Your momma is right, you were irresistable. =)


  4. * pearl whispers to Paco *

    keep milking it, paco!!! are you SURE you feel better? aren't you KIND OF still in pain!?

  5. Hey, Sequoia, that's how sleepy I was - imagine leaving a treat! Khyra, you're so right. My mom is verrrry careful, too! Thanks, Lilo! Pearl... oh, yeah, right, SO right - my paw IS kind of aching.... :)
    xoxo Paco

  6. Aww you are so cute!! Glad to see that your poor little paw is getting better.
    How love how they 'gradually' fall asleep in the car :)