Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's A Pug's Life

Sometimes people think dogs are lazy, because they seem to sleep so much. I actually, in the photo below, am NOT sleeping, I am working on my relationship with my brother(?!) Harry the Cat. He only 'lets' me sleep near him if I kind of sneak up and don't make eye contact with him. Later in the evening I rolled over (as if I were asleep and didn't know what I was doing!) and we snuggled back to back. I think he liked it, too. He has a very nice purr....

And, you know, it's hard work guarding the Memorial of Honor at our little park near the water - somebody might take the flowers! Not on my watch.

And below, I'm helping the guys set up for the music jamboree at the coffee shop, Coastal Roasters, across the street. Mom thought I was getting in the way, as the guys kept wanting to be where I was ... truth is, I was telling them where to be NEXT, and.. *whew*... I' am soooo tired! Again... they seemed to like having me around, though actually they never said so.

So when we get to the studio I'm BEAT! And I sleep and sleep - unless the music is too loud, or if the birds fly by the window or something. (Or if there's something to chew). See? NOT lazy. Industrious! And if perchance I DO sleep, I'd rather sleep on a pile of cardboard than in one of my 2 beds, or the stuffed chair or couch... very macho.


  1. Very industrious Paco! I sometimes feel under appreciated for all the work I do too...like cleaning up the kitchen floor or picking up dropped dryer sheets. These humans would be lost without me!

  2. Paco... you are just FAR too cute and we don't have cat friends but that cat is lucky that you are so nice!!! We bark at cats!

  3. Very macho or very tired =) The momma says I'm prone to sleep in some not so comfortable places when I'm worn out from to much working =) Either way, you look adorable and macho!!


  4. If you run out of card board I use reusable grocery sacks! Just don't get your paws stuck in the handles hehehe.


  5. Paco, I don't know anypug that puts in the kind of hours you do! I suspect they'll elect you to public office soon, the way you help the whole community.

  6. hi paco!
    oh you are a very busy puggie!
    we love seeing you adventures!

    m & e

  7. You are a very busy boy Paco!!
    Your relationship with your brother is the same as Gus and Misfit (our black cat). All on the down low. :)

  8. You do indeed work hard! Sleeping on cardboard, huh? Such a tough puggie you are, even giving up some creature comforts to accomplish your tasks. Good that you're bonding with your brother.

  9. paco, you are such a nice and helpful puggy! i can't believe how big you are now...you are quite a handsome pug boy!

  10. Paco I think you're doing a great job. Thanks for helping out with my commentathon a while back too.

    Huffle Mawson